Everyday is an Adventure. Embrace it

Hey y’all. I hope everyone is doing great! I am going to host a link-up party.  This party goes live today and will be open until 12 noon on 6/1/2017. The theme of the party is Everyday Adventures and I know that this is something that everyone can write about!

Anyone that says, “I haven’t had an adventure” or “nothing exciting worth writing about ever happens to me” is not seeing life with appreciative eyes. Every breath you take has potential to be adventurous and every moment you have with your kids is definitely am adventurous challenge.

No kids? No Family? No Problem! Your life is individual and special! Just because kids tend to be challenging, I mention them. They certainly aren’t required, ha ha!  Close your eyes and recap your day… There is something special, adventuresome, or otherwise wonderful that happened.  It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think it is. It’s huge to someone else and maybe even therapeutic!  Here what our badge will look like:


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This Mother’s Day I really want to warn everyone about a thief running rapidly through families and obviously never satisfied with its heist. One that cannot be caught or stopped.  It snuck in so slowly, none of us noticed.  It was hidden in the normal aging process and we didn’t see it.  Shrouded in forgetfulness of the ordinary and cloaked by the everyday stresses that we thought clogged her mind.  The Alzheimer’s thief is slick, it’ll slide right by you and you don’t even see it coming.  Its cruel and unforgiving nature robs many special moments from the mind of the great.  It’s been around for a very long time, taking as it pleases and never giving back.


It reduces the great person that was and steals their thoughts.  There is no sheriff to run it out of town nor warrant for its arrest.  There is no way to stop it!  It catches its victims off guard and like a parasite, leaches onto them and won’t let go.  It wraps its crusty hands around the mind of the unknowing gently at first – so it’s not noticeable.  Then over time, it tightens its grip until it has its grubby fingers in every crack and crevasse available.

An abomination… this disease is not satisfied with just daily forgetfulness. Oh no, it is the epitome of selfishness. It wants all memory, not just the daily or in-the-moment ones. It snatches them all until it has taken even the oldest and most dear.  It steals what we hold close to our hearts and leaves a breadcrumb of who the person once was.

I hate it.

I took my mother for granite for almost 30 years before suddenly, I understood her. We were finally able to share with each other and have conversations without argument. My heart gushed over with love for her and I began to confide in her more.  I began to trust her a way I never could as a child.  I finally understood her love for me and the reasons behind many of the things that she did.  I had to have children myself before I truly appreciated her and then suddenly – she is leaving me?  The horrible, selfish, hateful, nasty, unnecessary and under imagined disease it stealing my Momma and I feel like I just met her a few short years ago.

It’s not fair, but then….when is life fair?  I spent too much time wasted, not understanding her in this life.  I have violated my personal life motto: Everyday is an adventure. Embrace it.  I waited too long to embrace her and now she is leaving me…she is leaving daddy…she is leaving us all 😦   The last week I have spent in tears while my husband is away. I am ashamed that I am filled with so much regret that is self-inflicted by my own immature and stubborn mind of too many years.

I am glad we had the time we did get to enjoy each other. I still have Mom from time to time. She wiggles free from the grip of her oppressive thief and I suck up every available moment I can.  Every tiny moment of that time is engraved in my memory and it is wrapped in so many emotions – hopefully even if this thief comes for me, I will fight it long and hard. I hate you Alzheimer Disease! I hate you!!

Becoming a Mom

That moment you realize you are a Mom!

How to describe that moment? That moment when it hits you, when it all comes down like a ton of bricks and reality steps right in your face – You’re a Mom, a Mother, the one trusted source of information about vomit, diarrhea, diaper rash & common illnesses.

Not during pregnancy, although many women experience revelation then, but when that young one is in your arms. That’s when it’s real.  That moment when the mental connection is made. I’ve heard some say it was in the hospital it hit them, but not for me. Oh no, it was after I got home. Suddenly, I realized how helpful the hospital staff had been during the first couple of days. They didn’t come home with me. There was no help really!

Nothing prepares you for it – not books, movies, seminars, or pregnancy classes. Nope, no stories you hear or conversations will prepare you for the inevitable; that fateful moment that suddenly shakes your inner being like a banana tree.


It can happen multiple times, through multiple ages of the child’s life, and can be as small as a thought or as profound as a huge chilling emotion sweeping over you. You know, the one that takes your breath away and leave you feeling shell-shocked? Yep, that’s the one I’m writing about.

For me, the pregnancy was not it. Not with my first born anyway. Not carrying him, not the short easy labor, not even the nurses bringing him to me created the reality that I had entered into the everlasting realm of motherhood. Nope. I carried on as though completing a task. Like getting from point A to point B.  I marked off the mile markers as I went until one day, when he was about 3 weeks old, it hit me.

I was laying in bed with him beside me nursing. He was making little sounds. He was so relaxed. It was like he trusted me already and didn’t even know me. He looked up at me with his little eyes full of love as his little hand patted my arm.  BOOM!  Right there, right then I realized I was a Mom.  I started to cry.  Emotions swept over me like an avalanche and I was completely consumed. 20 years later I can still feel that same love & emotions sweep over me when he calls.

Chrissy +Nicky

Then a couple years later, my life replayed the previous 2 years. I was pregnant again with another boy.  I thought man, I got this! I mean, I had already been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

Nope, it all hit me again. He was about 6 days old…my oldest was laying beside me & new baby was in my arms. We were home. I realized this was a forever gig. And I realized that although I didn’t apply for the position, I knew it was meant to be 🙂


Here they are today. Those 2 babies grew up and they’re sooo much bigger than me. My biggest fear, the one I wrestled with the most with throughout their infancy & toddler years – never came true (PRAISE GOD).

My biological mother gave me away. She didn’t want me. Her biological mother gave her away. She wasn’t wanted either. All the women in my biological family seemingly did the same thing. I don’t want to be like that. Please Jesus, please don’t let me do it. No matter what comes, keep my mind strong. Keep me fiercely independent and protect my mental state. Please, please, please!!

God is merciful. I kept them…plus 2 girls and another boy God sent me. 🙂


100 Reasons Why You Should Call Your Mom… No, really – call her!

I know the drill, I’ve done it myself.  It’s been a while since you spoke to your mom (or accepted one of her calls) so you are thinking…maybe, just maybe – you should call her? YES, you should… and here are 100 reasons why!


  1. She is your mother for better or for worse.
  2. She did the best she could at the time and she always wished it was better.
  3. She thinks about you every time she sees someone your age.
  4. She misses you dearly
  5. She likes to see and hear about your successes.
  6. She is your biggest fan.
  7. She thinks about you every time she speaks with someone on the phone that talks the way you do.
  8. Although you are human,  you can do no wrong.
  9. She is proud of your accomplishments. Even the little ones that you don’t even remember.
  10. She loves you.
  11. You took up residence in her body for almost a year without paying rent or helping buy groceries!
  12. You were the apple of her eye.
  13. She was your primary dietician during  your formative years.
  14. She put off things she wanted to do, so she could spend time with you.
  15. She bought you that article of clothing you were dying for instead of going to the dentist to have her teeth worked on.
  16. She always fed you. Even if she was hungry after supper, she made sure you were full & happy.
  17. She cleaned up your vomit & probably didn’t complain.
  18. She held you tight when you were sick and sat up with you all night. Although she knew she would catch your illness, she did it to comfort you.
  19. She always dressed you first and didn’t take much time for herself.
  20. You were her world…and probably still are.
  21. When you broke something, she took the fall for it.
  22. She stood between you and many butt-bustings. She was your shield.
  23. Your mother is the only woman in your life that will never judge you for being you.
  24. She may be spastic at times, but she handled all your crisis Like-a-Boss.
  25. She improvised when you ate her office work…or peed on it.
  26. Your Mother protected you from sharp objects.
  27. She cuddled and reassured you when you were sad.
  28. When you were lonely, she was your friend.
  29. She protected you from the boogie man & the zombie’s in the walls.
  30. When you are hurting, her heart is breaking.
  31. She celebrated all your tiny victories.
  32. She celebrated your big Victories
  33. Your Mom gave you breathe and you took hers away
  34. Your hopes were her aspirations for you
  35. She fixed your favorite foods often to make you happy.
  36. Your dreams were her goals
  37. She paved the way for your success.
  38. She worked to help you in school and then came home and worked there.
  39. Your mom encouraged others to see the best in you, even when you were at your worst.
  40. She may not have kept the house immaculate, but she made sure your clothes were always clean.
  41. She skipped naps while watching you sleep.
  42. Your Momma gave it everything she had!
  43. She tried to dazzle your friends to make you cool.
  44. She liked your music even when it gave her a headache.
  45. She baked your favorite sweets to make you happy.
  46. She told every teacher that doubted you where they could go!
  47. She stayed awake to make sure you were breathing.
  48. Your Mother stayed up late at night worrying about you.
  49. She called everyone she knew to track you down when you were late coming home.
  50. Moms have a special heart given by God.  Her heart misses you.
  51. She sees you with eyes of confidence.
  52. Her arms are always ready to hug you.
  53. She’s always waiting on your call.
  54. She watches he driveway…incase you might drive up.
  55. Even though she may disagree, she will take your side.
  56. She removed gum from your hair patiently.
  57. She cleaned the stains out of your underwear!
  58. She would suffer a million calamities for you.
  59. She has patience with you.
  60. Your Mother was purposely objective to your mate for your emotional safety.
  61. Your children are her crown in life.
  62. She loves your pets like your children if you do not have any.
  63. Her life was put on hold to raise you, and she never regretted it.
  64. She delights in your career and brags on you regularly to her friends.
  65. She prays for you all the time.
  66. When she shops, she thinks of things that you need or would like.
  67. She celebrates your birthday more so than you do!
  68. Your Momma remembers how tiny your hands were.
  69. She is always lighting a candle for your life.
  70. She knows your vulnerabilities and keeps them safely secret.
  71. Her hips are slightly off-center because she held you so much while you were young.
  72. A mom never forgets the time you only wanted her to comfort  you.
  73. She is a fixer – always striving to help you fix something.
  74. Mothers come in many forms – not all biological!
  75. Even if she wasn’t really your mom, but just a lady you looked to like-a-mom, she knows that and never forgot.
  76. God changes the mind of a Mother. This is why you think she is a little crazy.
  77. One day, she will not be there to answer the phone.
  78. A day may come when she doesn’t remember who you are.
  79. There may be a day that she can no longer speak verbally.
  80. She has carried the weight of every tiny thing she could have done better on her shoulders.
  81. She remembers every single mistake she made – and is hard on herself.
  82. You can release her from the Mother-Guilt she carries.
  83. She is a strong woman your mate should look up to.
  84. Every little wrinkle on her face she wears as a trophy from your childhood.
  85. Each gray hair on her head is a reminder for her of what she once was to you.
  86. She sees herself in your face.
  87. She realizes when she has gone too far.
  88. Your Mom knows when she should stay silent, but can’t help herself.
  89. She invested her entire life into you.
  90. She still dreams about when you where a toddler.
  91. Her mind races with thoughts about how you are.
  92. She still wants to help you.
  93. Her life was forever changed by you.
  94. Her thoughts were forever changed by you.
  95. You made her stronger than she thought she could be.
  96. She feeds off your energy and thriving life.
  97. Every busted vein in her legs is a sign of her love – walking the floor with you while you were a fussy baby.
  98. She never regretted you!
  99. You were not an accident.
  100. You make her the happiest woman alive when you call!!



PhotoGrid_1493659042955You’re a mom, so what do you really want for Mother’s Day?

You know your kids (and maybe even your husband) are doing internet searches on what to get you. Will those searches return answers that really fit you?  Will they remember something you said you liked several years back? Does it even matter? Are you one of the mothers that finds delight in emotion rather than material objects?

I am one of those matronly mothers now and I don’t feel like Mother’s Day really applies to me this year.  I am still a mom, but the kids are all grown and on their own.  Sometimes I am really excited when I think about the fact that I am an “empty-nester”.  It is in these glorious years when you get your life back. You can finally cater to yourself and your spouse.  It’s the time for creating new memories and living again before your health fails or you can’t get around as well anymore.  I should be happy, right?

Mother’s Day 2017 has me thinking about how blessed I was to raise boys….a lot of them. The blessings continued with some beautiful girls the Lord allowed me to have for a bit too. Everyone is grown now though and none of them need me. Isn’t that the biggest part of being a Mom? Everyone needs you! You are the rock.

I found several great websites with many Mother’s Day gift suggestions straight from the intellectual minds of Moms. Many of them make so many wonderful suggestions, but I find myself just wishing I could be with the kids this year. I long for a day with all the kids together at one time. I wish I could hug them all at once (although my arms are way to short for that).

Anyway, please enjoy the recommended Mother’s Day gifting solution below:


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