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Hurricane Season 2017 – What about Florida?

With hurricane season 2017 in full swing and what was hurricane Harvey still plowing a path through the US, what is in store for Florida?

Florida’s gulf coast side is also vulnerable to the same warm water storms that come into the gulf like Texas and Louisiana. Although it’s usually Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia that get pummeled pretty hard, Florida is affected too.  Florida is actually a more likely victim for the 2017 Hurricane season than other states because it gets hammered on both the Atlantic and the gulf side.

Hurricane Harvey was downgraded to a Tropical Depression but it is still dropping high levels of water over the Southern parts of the US. Residents in Louisiana braced as their bayous rose and folks in Mississippi prepared for a rise in river water. Folks in Tennessee are also preparing as it tracks toward them. Why do I care and why write about this? Because I’m from the south, and the majority of my favorite vacation spots and travel destinations of the past will all be impacted or already have been.

Irma Location courtesy of NOAA

Location of Irma courtesy of NOAA

As relief engulfs many and this system passes on by, there’s a new threat looming in the Atlantic…and it has Florida in its sight.  This new storm is expected to become a hurricane named Irma. A Tropical Storm becomes a hurricane when its wind speed reaches 75 mph. The last advisory posted winds at 70 mph with gusts even stronger…and still building strength. This predicted hurricane has a large diameter with winds reaching as far out as 60 miles from the eye. At less than 20 mph, a slow mover (just like Harvey was & still is) it is headed toward Florida as it builds.

Potential US forecasts currently suggest Irma will skirt Florida. But the European model (which accurately predicted Hurricane Harvey’s landfall & strength) actually shows Irma entering the Gulf of Mexico. The US prediction fares better for the Gulf Coast states still in recovery, but the European model prediction could be even more devastating for Texas! Here is their 10 day forecast.

European Model courtesy of Tropical Tidbits

Florida is not out of the danger zone yet. Both the US and European models are only forecast for the next few days and no one person truly knows where it will go or how strong it will be.  Many of the residents of Central Florida still haven’t completed last year’s Hurricane Matthew damages and the ones that have probably don’t want to rebuild again so soon. On the other hand, Texas can’t handle another hurricane! Here is the US model forecast.

Hurricane Irma US model forecast

Hurricane Season 2017 is nowhere near finished and it could go down in history as one of the most devastating yet.

Hurricane Harvey – Will the Seawall protect Galveston?

With hurricane Harvey increasing in strength as it nears the Texas coast, a lot of people are wondering if the Seawall will protect Galveston Island.

The residents & business owners in Galveston are hoping it does!

Will the Seawall protect Galveston?

The Seawall was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1902 after the most deadly hurricane in United States’ history struck the area in September of 1900. With a record loss of somewhere between 6000 & 11,000 lives and the complete destruction of over 3600 homes, it caught the coast of Texas off guard. The storm was considered a category 4. At one point Galveston Texas was under 15′ of sea water.

The Seawall was constructed 17′ high and the base was made 16′ wide and tapered at top. The first Seawall was only about 3.3 miles long. Over the next 60 years, it was extended to more than 10 miles long.

Although the Seawall in Galveston was built as functional protection from storm surge, it also has provided recreational enjoyment. Visitors and tourist have long enjoyed walking the length of the Seawall, parking on it to access the beach, and fishing from its rocky bottom.

Foot of the Galveston Seawall

Since the historical event in 1900, Galveston has survived several other natural disasters.

  1. June 26, 1902 – Tropical storm smacked Galveston bringing a twister that knocked a freight train off its tracks.
  2. July 21, 1908 – Tropical storm came inland and derailed many train cars. Storm swells were at 10′ but the Seawall held tight. No lives were lost behind the Seawall, but 5 fatalities were reported on the outside
  3. August 27, 1909 – Storm surge was only 3′ and the Seawall held.
  4. June 27, 1913 – Tropical storm surge created 12.7′ waves. The Seawall saved Galveston.
  5. August 16, 1915 – This storm was rumoured to have been a rival to the Great Tropical Storm of 1900. This time the 12′ storm surge came over the Seawall. The downtown area swam in 5-6′ of sea water. All beach front bath houses were washed away. There were 12 fatalities and 1 of which was behind the Seawall.
  6. September 14, 1919 – Sea swells at 8′ 8″…this storm wrecked Corpus Christi harder than Galveston.
  7. August 14, 1932 – The Seawall saved Galveston from another tropical storm.
  8. 1933 – This year saw 5 tropical storms in the gulf.
  9. September 23, 1941 – Galveston measured 7′ tides and all rice crops were ruined.
  10. August 29, 1942 – Over 50,000 people stumbled over each other to flee Galveston as this storm approached due to a hurricane that struck just 8 days before. Galveston survived.
  11. July 27, 1943 – Big hurricane! Winds of over 100 mph knocked brick buildings over and churches collapsed. Northerly winds across Galveston’s bay kept tides low. Storm surge was 6′ feet. There were 11 casualties. Galveston survived.
  12. August 24, 1947 – Hurricane with sea water storm surge of less than 4′.
  13. October 3, 1949 – Tropical storm was mild for Galveston only moderately damaging streets.

In 1950, the US military began naming storms and hurricanes. By 1954 the public was beginning to be made aware of storm names. There have been a great number of storms affect Galveston since 1950. Rather than listing them all for you I recommend you go here to further your research. It’s where a lot of my data came from on the historical storms listed in this article.

So, after all this time, will the Seawall protect Galveston? Hurricane Harvey was just upgraded to a category 4 hurricane. Please keep Texas in your prayers!

Adventure Indiana

I vividly remember my first trip to Indiana; how huge I thought Indianapolis was. I remember not understanding how the entire middle of the state was the “city” and the enormous amount of traffic flowing through and around it. Ah, the good old days.

I also remember how I thought the city stunk. I had never smelled city air before and it was very different from my home in the Tennessee valley. But one thing I never expected was for this state to grow on me. (I found out it smells great if you escape the city!)

What types of Adventure await in Indiana? Well, that will depend on your interest level in nature and history.

Historic Indiana Adventures

Admire Architecture

History means different things to different people. Downtown Indianapolis is rich with its developmental history. The city host beautifully colorful buildings of many sizes. There’s a revolving restaurant named Eagle’s Nest situated atop the Hyatt Regency Hotel that slowly rotates. From here you’ll observe breath-taking 360 degree panoramic views of the city.  This place is pricey, but dubbed one of the most scenic & romantic places in the US.


Eagle’s Nest at night

Another attraction downtown is the oldest building in Indianapolis, Christ Church Cathedral located on the Monument Circle.  It’s an English Gothic Revival style structure built 1857. Personally, this is one of my favorite buildings.


Christ Church Cathedral

While you’re in Monument Circle, check out the awesome statue situated in the middle! At Christmas time, lights are strung from top to bottom to create a giant “Christmas tree”. Every winter I’ve been there, I’ve also seen large nut cracker statues and horse-drawn buggies in the streets.


Architecturally speaking, Indiana is home to almost 500 covered bridges in just a few counties (Parke & Putnam Counties out west of Indianapolis & Rush County is east of Indianapolis). Although these bridges are scattered through the state, the highest concentration are in the above mentioned counties. Southern Indiana has a vast amount of historically preserved metal bridges.


One of my favorite places is Oldenburg Indiana. It’s commonly know as the Village of Spires. There’s a massive number of German styled buildings with beautiful steeples or Spires on them. There’s a German festival held here annually. The street signs are written in English and German.

Musical History

Indiana is home to many famous musicians, artist, writers, producers and studios. From Jazz to Hard Rock, Indiana has a rich musical history.

Elvis’ last performance was in Market Square Arena in downtown Indianapolis on June 26th 1977.

John Cougar Mellencamp’s boyhood home town os Seymour, Indiana. It’s a mid-sized town south of Indianapolis. If you want a guided tour, you could pick up a copy of “The Roots of an American Rocker” on CD. Listen to it as your cruise through Seymour.

Another famous musician from Indiana is Michael Jackson! (This of course would include the entire Jackson clan.) The Jackson family began in Gary, Indiana. That’s far northwest in the state just south of Chicago. This is another drive-by and see from your car type visit. The town is mostly falling apart, but his boyhood home is immaculately kept and there’s a monument to admire.

On your way to the Jackson home, stop in and see Lafayette, Indiana. This was the home town of many punk rock & hard rock artist including Axel Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Rise Against, and many more. It’s located northwest of Indianapolis and southeast of Chicago.

Southern Indiana is considered part of the Upland South. A term used by many to describe origins of country music.

American Indian Adventures

Mound State Park is located in Anderson, Indiana which is north od Indianapolis. If you’re looking for a more centrally located museum, The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is located in downtown Indianapolis on Washington Street.

The Indian Chief Tecumseh’s monument is located in Vincennes, IN (very southwest of Indianapolis by a few hours drive).

Battleground Indiana is a small town rich in Native American history. Read more here http://www.battleground.in.gov/history/

Prophetstown Indiana is another small town in Lafayette Indiana where the Prophetstown State Park is located. It’s named after Tenskwatawa.

These are just a few to explore. When you arrive in Indiana signs, pamphlets, and the Hometown folks will point you to additional sites. Indiana is also home to arrowhead hunting like many other states are. Arrowhead hunting is not actually hunting in the conventional sense. It’s basically just walking and looking down as you take each step. Many farmers in their youth found artifacts laying on top the ground after plowing their fields or stuck in the tread of their tractor tires. So, hunting is really just being observant.


Small points

Outdoor Adventures

Clifty Falls in Madison Indiana is a favorite for many hikers. It’s located to the extreme south-east of Indianapolis near the Ohio State line. The trails are moderately challenging and the scenery is beautiful. In the fall, the autumn colors paint a beautiful palate and in the spring the moss begins to spread a gorgeous soft bed atop many of the massive rocks.

Brown County Indiana is where the Brown County State Park is located due south of Indianapolis. The locals have dubbed the area “The little Smokey Mountains”.  Personally, being from Knoxville and spending a lot of time in the real Smokey Mountains, I don’t see the resemblance.  Brown County is also home to a small town Nashville Indiana. It’s been compared to Gatlinburg Tennessee, but again… It’s so tiny, I don’t see it.

There are many other Adventures waiting for you in Indiana, I haven’t experienced. Try out rafting pr canoeing in Tippecanoe, or exploring the Indiana Caverns in southern Indiana. If northern Indiana is more your thing, head out to Dunes State Park.

If you’ve found a special spot worth sharing that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments below!

I’ll be adding some more photos to this article soon 😉



Conquering Stress with Writing

I need to write & I’m not alone.

Roland Millward

I have been told “you are special” my entire life, but I never paid it any mind since everyone is special in God’s eyes.

I was born to a very young couple that were madly in love but couldn’t take care of me and my brother. At two and a half months old I was a very sick baby and my mom was living out of her car. She couldn’t afford milk formula and said I didn’t keep it in my tummy anyway. She decided adoption was the best way to give me a chance in life. That’s what made me special, or at least I was told. Adopted children are chosen, not accidents.  So throughout my childhood, I was reminded on a daily basis that I was adopted, immediately hospitalized due to malnutrition, and blessed by God. And I’ve always believed it was true. God protected me then and has never left me.

At 19 I…

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Why is the Ocean Brown at Galveston Island?

Why is the water brown in Galveston?

I asked this question myself the first time I saw the sea at Galveston Island, Texas.

Is the ocean really Brown at Galveston?


Is the water dirty on Galveston Island?

No, not really dirty in the sense you mean.

Answers… I promise answers.

I wondered these things myself and before I would stick one toe inside the water there, I looked it up. I wanted a scientific explanation (dumbed down enough that I could understand.) I mean… Is brown water in Galveston safe?

Here’s why the ocean water is brown in Galveston:

The Gulf of Mexico is fed in part via the “Loop Current”. This is a nifty term that scientist like to use 😉    This ocean flow (or current) send warmer water from the Yucatan Channel northward into the Gulf of Mexico. As this current comes in it bends and then heads towards Florida.

( I am no artist, but I drew a diagram to help you visualize.)

Loop Current ChrissyAdventures

Loop Current brings in warm water

The Loop Current is one of the strongest and fastest in the Atlantic Ocean. This is what happens in the lower portion of the Gulf of Mexico.

Now… the upper portion of the gulf is affected by other factors. Look at my terrible diagram and notice the pink arrows from Louisiana towards Texas. Notice how the current is kissing the coast of Texas there?

The Mississippi River empties into the Gulf.  Not considering the tributaries this river has, the Mississippi alone carries roughly 2 million tons of sediment each day. This sediment is dumped into the Gulf waters around and near Louisiana heavier than other areas. But this sediment is also joined by sediment from the Red River. You see, the Red River joins up with the Mississippi to create the Atchafalaya River. Guess where that river empties…

Yep, it’s the Gulf of Mexico. Are you starting to see a trend?

Sediment of Mississippi River Map Gulf of Mexico

Sediment of Mississippi River as indicated by red markings

The currents (above in pink) indicate how the sediment in carried in two directions. Those currents carry a large portion of sediment to the coast of Texas.  Sediment in other beach areas of the US have sea flora on the ocean floor that help trap sediment and clear the water. The ocean around Galveston is mostly shallow. Shallow water has a high sand and sediment turnover … literally. Therefore the water has a brown color that cannot be seen through.

The brown ocean water is very warm, almost tepid. Although it is murky water, it’s thoroughly relaxing to swim in the warm water.

Have you been to Galveston and seen the brown water? Did it bother you or did you enjoy it just the same! If you’d like to read more about Galveston Island, please click here to visit a guest post I wrote about it for Mr Roland Millward’s Travel Blog.

Visit Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

While we were in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in northern Texas, we asked several folks, “what is there to do in Dallas?” or “What are things to do in North Texas?” Often we were told about local parks. We did visit these local parks and were pretty disappointed. So began our search online to find things to do and places to go and adventures we could enjoy in North Texas. We discovered the panhandle area and the beautiful photos of that area. Amarillo was also in that neck of the woods, so we thought…

Why not?

I can’t remember if it was my husband or I that found Palo Duro Canyon State Park, but the pictures online were absolutely gorgeous. We dug out some Best Western travel cards and found a pet-friendly Hotel in Canyon Texas.   We prefer a Hotel to other accommodations.  After we booked our room, packed our bags (and our dog), we hit the road.

My husband chose our route based on the less travelled. He knew it would take longer to drive from Dallas to Canyon Texas, but it would allow us to see smaller towns, avoid toll roads and several hours of bumper to bumper traffic where cars freely weave in & out on multi lane bridges like they’re on a Nascar track. (I’ll share those back road adventures in another article.) The total drive took us roughly 6 1/2 to 7 hours. Please keep in mind, we drove easy, stopped often and enjoyed the sites along the way. The drive from the DFW area to Canyon would have taken only 4 1/2 to 5 hours if we were more destination focused.

Arriving in Canyon Texas, a small town about 20 minutes outside Amarillo Texas, we immediately noticed it was a cozy place. Main Street literally being its main attraction, the people were very welcoming and the traffic was slow. The pace of life was much more easy-going. The weather was beautiful.


The entrance to Palo Duro Canyon is about 8 to 10 minutes away from the Best Western Hotel in Canyon Texas. The following morning we had coffee and packed a couple of bagels, various snacks & plenty of water for our adventure.

One of the most important thing to do in Palo Duro Canyon is stay hydrated. The weather there can be tricky and the canyon floor can easily reach over 110 degrees for several hours each day.

At the entrance we waited in line for about 25 minutes before we paid $5 per person. It’s important for any visitor to know that this park is highly populated as well as many of Texas’ other state parks. In the event the park is at full capacity, the Park Rangers pass out tickets to hold your place in line until they’re able to allow admittance (which can take up to 4 hours). I highly recommend being one of the first in line or you may not be able to visit the park on the day you arrive!

Palo Duro Canyon is very well-kept. The park rangers regularly patrol the canyon for exhausted visitors that may need a little aid. There were signs posted everywhere stating at least a gallon of water per person was recommended for each hour. We sweated this much or more and drank about a gallon an hour each on the trails.


Shortly after we entered there was a beautiful look-out point fabulous for taking photos! We also noticed the cabins located off to the right. The park rents these cabins out for overnight stays. They looked very nice, but we did not go inside any of them.  Traveler tip: If you are looking to rent a cabin, do it well in advance – possibly several months out.


From that point we ascended down on a curvy road toward the bottom of the Canyon. We passed the theatre area where the Texas Musical Play was presented in the evening. Ticket were available for purchase, but we did not attend.


Next there was a store/deli/tourist shop. The prices were a bit higher there then if you weren’t inside a Texas State Park but not too terribly unreasonable.

What did they sell inside the Trading Post?

They made homemade ice cream which was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend you try at the grill! One serving was large enough to share but not knowing, we ordered two. Their french fries were absolutely great and my husband’s said their hamburger was totally delicious. They also sold water and gasoline for those who were low on fuel. This was also the place to find t-shirts, postcards, and any other tourist gift and memorabilia to commemorate a visit.

There were too many campsites to count. We saw primitive, modern, and large RV Park sites as well. There was also a section on the far side of the park for equestrians. The camping sorts available were numerous and we saw people from all walks of life on different budgets enjoying their stay.


There’s a small stream of water that normally runs through the bottom of the canyon according to the Trail Maps. The creek beds were mostly dry when we were there.

The many hiking trails were varied from super easy to extremely challenging. I loved hiking there because the brush and trees provided shade to cool off at different intervals.

The dirt in the Palo Duro Canyon is red. The rocks are many colors though. The contrast was beautiful and made for some gorgeous photos.

The flora in the canyon included small & large trees, several types of flowers and cacti, and many tumbleweed type bushes. The creatures we saw in the canyon include lizards, rabbits, roadrunners, turkey and other birds. Signs along the way read that it was possible to encounter other types as well, but we didn’t. I was a little afraid that we would be in contact with a rattlesnake, but we got lucky and never saw one.

Things to do in Palo Duro Canyon included:

Biking, Hiking, Camping, RV Park, Bird Watching, Horseback Riding, Caving, (we saw at least 3 caves for the brave to explore. I wasn’t one of the brave!) and much more.

It was a dusty adventure in the Palo Duro Canyon. We stayed for about 5 1/2 hours on the trip hiking roughly 10 miles that day. When we left we were covered in the dusty red dirt from the second largest canyon in the United States.

It was rather surprising that the Palo Duro Canyon was so little known to the various folks we spoke to in Texas area. I don’t understand how such an awesome place was so unrecognized by the locals.

Enjoy the slide show and leave me a comment about things to do in Texas. I love suggestions!


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What is Bigger in Texas?

Have you ever heard it said, “Everything is bigger in Texas”?  I’m here to tell you it’s true.  Almost everything I saw while I was there was much bigger than any place I’ve traveled.  Here’s a touristy perspective of Texas.

  1. The sky is bigger in Texas. It’s HUGE!  The sky is massively vast and will consume not only your immediate vision, but your peripheral vision too. Have you ever taken a photo with a fish eye or panoramic lens? That’s the best way I can describe how your eyes perceive the sky in Texas. In fact it’s so encompassing, your mind may go into shock. I remember the first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean from the shore line & how vast I thought it was. I was filled with awe. In comparison, the ocean seems so manageable after seeing the sky in Texas. And that is an honest compare after seeing the ocean from almost every beach on the east coast and the gulf. It’s just big. 20170520_204824_HDR
  2. Food is bigger in Texas. The chicken fried steak is bigger than the plate it’s served on. A serving of biscuit & gravy is enough to feed a family of 4. Tea glasses are so big, I had to use two hands to drink it. The only small food servings you can find are at National Chain restaurants like Olive Garden or IHOP.20170613_142325
  3. The spiders are bigger in Texas. So are the cockroaches. One evening I was having a smoke on the patio and a cockroach at least 5″ long and 2″ wide came walking up to me like everything was normal. I screamed, stomped it and it just looked at me and walked away!
  4. The crows are bigger in Texas. They’re a Mexican breed I was told. They have an eerie scream like a sound effect from a horror movie. They’re also big enough to pick up a Buick and fly off with it. (That may be a slight exaggeration.)
  5. Trains are bigger in Texas. They’re really long with several engines pulling them. Actually many towns were either made or broken by the Railway. The northern part of Texas being rather flat allowed for easy railway access to transport goods. These same railways were the cause of a few ghost towns too. Trains are a bigger deal in Texas than many other states.
  6. The affluent population is bigger in Texas. Look up a town named Plano, TX. Enough said!
  7. The highways are bigger in Texas. I’ve been in some congested cities, but oh my… If you haven’t been to Dallas on a bridge over a bridge that’s over another bridge that’s over the toll road below…you haven’t lived. Most of the highways, interstates and toll roads are 5 or 7 lanes wide all the way and up to 150′ tall.
  8. The traffic congestion is bigger in Texas! I don’t care where you live or how bad your roads are, if you haven’t driven to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio in Rush hour you’ve never seen bad congestion.
  9. The tolls are bigger in Texas. It can easily cost over $20 one way on one road to go about 35-40 miles…without getting off on an exit (which is when you’re usually charged for a toll)
  10. The shopping options are bigger in Texas. Name a national or regional store. It’s in Texas along with thousands of home grown mom & pop shops.
  11. The windmills are bigger in Texas. The largest windmill farm in the U.S is in Texas in the town of Electra.20170611_155805
  12. Jalapeno peppers are bigger in Texas. Oh I’m sure there’s a town here or there in other places that love jalapenos but in Texas almost every restaurant will off you a jalapeno with your order. Order a hamburger, you’ll get a jalapeno. Order a salad, you’ll have jalapenos sprinkled on it. Want an ice cream? Guess what they’re going to offer you on the side:     Jalapeno!       Every grocery store has a large display of jalapeños they show off with much pride.
  13. Electric company choices are bigger in Texas. In every neighborhood, folks have a choice of at least 2-10 electric companies. Shoot… at home, half of my state has 1 electric company!
  14. The hiking trails are bigger in Texas. Hiking is a big deal for folks in North Texas. Afterall, they either live on a farm in the middle of nowhere or are crammed into a city with millions of people. Nature takes their mind off all that. Every hiking trail we found was so crowded with thousands of people, it was difficult to enjoy nature…you couldn’t  hear nature for the conversations & people!
  15. Pride for their state is bigger in Texas. Texans love other Texans and they love their state. They are living in a state that has almost every terrain possible in the US and almost every weather pattern. Texas could easily be self-contained and self-supporting. The economy in Texas is great and the job market is ripe. Texans take pride in their heritage and home lands. Don’t underestimate a Texan either. Most are well educated and street smart too (which is a nifty combination). Many folks fly the Texas state flag in their yards. Businesses fly it just under the United States Flag or right along next to it.  I understand now why so many people are dedicated to their state here. It truly is The Great State of Texas.
  16.  Mom and pop retails stores are conveniently located all over the state. I love to shop the home-grown entrepreneurs and the products are usually unique and home grown. There is a pride weaved into every product and “Bigger than Life” dose of love gently added to each piece. You don’t have to drive or fly all the way to Texas to experience some of the unique products though. Shopping on line has made it easy.


  1. 20170521_110535


Hope Faith and Love

Faith Hope Love

I met one of the most beautiful ladies recently. She is lovely with a gentle nature.  When she talks, life radiates from her eyes. She’s a good conversationalist and well-educated.  Her spirit is meek and kind.   She has had many experiences in her life & been blessed with opportunities to work in many fields (that I often found interest in my younger days).  Her eyes sparkle when she smiles and she has no idea she is special.  She loves the Lord and knows him well.

Who is this beaming woman of whom I write? She’s a new friend that lives close by.  I am blessed to have met her.  I don’t think it was a coincidence we met either. She makes me happy when we talk or get to spend time together and I think I needed this.  Although she smiles, there is pain there as well. Who doesn’t carry some of that with them, right? Somehow her inner sadness touches my heart and I pray for her gentle spirit to be healed.

When life seems bleak, how do we cope?  When the lights go out and we are alone, where does the mind go for comfort? Those who are gifted seek out positivity to remind themselves how beautiful life can be.   They hold tightly to Hope. Embracing it and seeking signs of it around each corner.  They know that their Faith leads them there – to Hope of all things.  It’s that same Faith that tells them they are worth loving.  Faith that they know our Savior loved us enough to die for us.  Love that they know they are deserving of.

But… what of those without this gift? The gift that helps them continually seek out encouragement? Where do they go in their mind when they are swimming in doubt?  I scares me to think about it.

Where do you go for your uplifting dose of inspiration? Is it a person, place, thing or a website?

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