Every day can be an adventure, if you can learn to see the light in the world.

Choose not to dwell on the darkness.

The strangest things happen in my life everyday & I’ll share them with you here 🙂

I started this site selfishly as a form of therapy to deal with the grief of losing my husband of 14 years suddenly and dramatically to cancer. I had been severely traumatized and the kids had too; our little family was in a terrible upheaval. None of us felt like we knew who we were anymore and all of us were struggling in our own way. The boys had counseling and the girls, well they had each other. I felt like I didn’t have anyone so I eventually saw a grief counselor. I went through several different ones that were crazy before I found one that resonated with me. She said I should write…so I did.

I wrote about my feelings with no care of punctuation or grammar. After all, no one would ever read it, right? I just got it all out of my head, the struggles with the depression, the anger, the PTSD, the anxiety… It was all just too much. After a long discussion with the boys, we created a bucket list. We decided that we were going to start living life a little differently and appreciating every moment of every day that we were given with each other. Like most people, we took those things for granite.

So now the adventure lives! The adventure lives inside of all of us every day, and every moment that we notice, and every opportunity that we embrace, and every wind that kisses our face. If you want to know more, here and here are interviews I’ve had that does a bit deeper into my story.

I remarried. The boys have grown up and the girls have all matured. But the adventure I maintain because I refuse to let it go. Funding these Adventures at times has been difficult. And after many years I finally decided to add a few Affiliated links. If you at any time click on an Affiliated link I may receive a small compensation for your action. I do not believe in a littering my site with a bunch of pop-up ads so you will never see those. But as I mentioned, any post that contains an Affiliated link will be clearly marked. All opinions will always be my own regardless. I’m required to let you know that I would receive a small amount of compensation – and I mean very small, if you click on one of these links.

So come along, travel with me. Enjoy the small things in life and read about what could be…



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