Mark that off the list!

I decided to move our completed items off the Original Bucket list. These items were mostly completed in 2010, 2011, & 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and then we jump to 2020! (We spent 2019 in the Florida Panhandle assisting with the hurricane Michael clean-up and devastation efforts…so that year was uneventful for this site, but our lives were greatly enhanced by the beautiful residents we met there!) We’ve had some very productive and enjoyable years. Even among the chaos that life threw at us, we had a ton of fun!! Some of our adventures included my step daughter(s), grandbabies, the boys, friends of mine, and total strangers that we pulled into our moments as they occurred 🙂 

1. See a beach on the east coast of the US. —Complete
2. Walk on sand barefoot —Complete
4. See a sun set at a beach on the east coast —Complete
5. Take the boys to the Pinnacle overlook in TN,VA,KY. —Complete

7. Go back to Beale St in Memphis & visit a blues bar – Jan Complete 2015

8. Be a tourist in our own home town —Complete
9. Eat authentic German food —Complete
10. Eat Sushi —Complete

11. Travel to Illinois – Completed

13. Ride on a train—Complete

18. Eat sushi again…in case I didn’t like it the first time! —Complete
19. Touch the clouds with my boys. (Did it on Clinch mountain) —Complete
20. Stay in a hotel —Complete

22. Go to Virginia. —(Complete) Visit the ARE Museum.
23. Pet a rabbit for an hour —Complete
24. Lay in the middle of the road, stare at the stars during Autumn, with my boys. —Complete
25. Take the boys to Gatlinburg, TN around Christmas time. — Complete
26. See Cades Cove – complete

28. Rent a cabin in the mountains for a weekend. – Complete
29. Go Hiking — Complete

31. Teach the boys to properly fish. (So I don’t spend all day untangling lines, baiting their hooks, etc) – Complete
32. Attend a live concert —Complete

36. See a live dog race —Complete
37. Learn to play poker – Complete
38. Learn plumbing —Complete

43. Travel to Ohio —Complete

46. Ride on a boat. —Complete 2014
47. Go to a casino & gamble a tad. —Complete
48. Play a REAL slot machine! —Complete

50. Eat real Italian food —Complete
51. Go to Disney World —Complete

53. This one is private, but has been accomplished. – Complete

55. Tour a Naval base. —Complete
56. Touch a tank!!! —Complete
57. Eat authentic Korean food —Complete

61. Take the boys to see the Iron Furnace and Warriors path in Cumberland Gap, TN —Complete

64. Go to Mississippi. Why? I have no idea! – Complete Jan 2015

67. See the ocean from the gulf coast. —Complete several times from several locations

72. Visit Amish country – Complete 2014

73. Understand Buddhism. — Complete (I have a good understanding of it although I do not practice this faith. I am Christian. I added this goal to my list after a very good friend dying of cancer converted to this faith. I spent some time with him as he educated me on his new faith and an “understanding” is all I have.)
74. Swim in the ocean. – Assateague Island Beach in Maryland & Virginia /Chincoteague Island / Ocean City Beach/ Hilton Head Island/ Destin, FL/ Daytona Beach/ Ormond Beach/ Flagler Beach/ Saint Augustine/ Panama City Beach, FL/ Lauguna Beach, FL/ Virginia Beach, VA/ Tybee Island, GA  – Complete

75. Touch an American fighter jet.— Complete
76. Clear the clutter out of my life once a year. 2009 complete, 2010 complete, 2011 complete, 2012 complete. 2013 Complete. 2014 Complete. 2015 Complete. 2016 Complete. 2017. 2018 Complete. 2019 Skipped. 2020 Complete!

79. Travel to Alabama – Complete

81. Drive underwater while having lunch in a car —Complete

83. Have a picnic on a grassy green medium in the middle of 2 roads.—Complete

87. Ride in an airplane both small and large. FLY!! —Complete

88. Travel to & spend the night on an island. – Complete

89. See Norris Dam —Complete
90. See a live horse race —Complete
91. Ride on a monorail —Complete
92. Learn to shoot a gun. —Complete 2014

94. Go to the Rossini festival (Knoxville, TN) in the Spring —Complete
95. Dance in public —Complete
96. See a waterfall.—Complete

99. Ride on a motorcycle again…just like when I was a kid!! – Complete 2010

100. Be a prissy, fake, uptight, too good for anyone girl – wearing makeup, dress, high heels, and hair all done up for one day. THIS ONE MAY NEVER HAPPEN!! —Complete! I did it 🙂

102. Move away from the swamp — complete (Moved away for 1 year, then moved back home to the swamp again.) Then Moved again!

104. Kiss in the rain — Complete

106. Visit a metropolis — Complete

117. See a lighthouse up close, touch it, climb it – Complete
118. Wear a bathing suit in public – Complete!!

128. Get a massage – Complete 2014

129. Own a very nice camera and explore my own personal photography – Complete 2014

133. Completely own my home! Pay off mortgage – Complete 2013 (Praise God!!)

135. Run through a field of wild flowers – Complete 2014 with my Grandson & Hubby

136. Travel to Oklahoma – See the Milky Way – Complete

137. See Southfork Ranch (Texas) – Completed

139. Learn to Surf 🏄 – Complete : Took lessons, could balance just fine. I can say I learned how, but my heart just isn’t in it

142. See an Alligator in the wild – Completed in South Carolina & Florida




  1. Omg wow you’ve knocked that list right out of the park! I personally love making lists of goals I want to do…it encourages me to go out and do them so much more than if I didnt make one.

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