Tips for Long Train Rides


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Tips for Long Train Rides You Didn’t Know

Like flying for several hours on planes, long train rides can be boring, uncomfortable, and crowded. Whether sleeping car or coach, know that you can make your train ride experience not only more comfortable but enjoyable with these 6 tips. Read on to find out what they are!


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1. Make Sure to Pack Extra Snacks

To satisfy your grumbling stomach, make sure you pack some snacks such as granola, raisins, and crackers. Pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated would be your best bet.

We recommend that you plan you look up the train’s rules when it comes to bringing your own personal snacks. Depending on the company, you may be able to bring your own from home or may have to buy them in the dining section of the train.

2. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at least the equivalent of 8 glasses of water. While you aren’t flying in high altitudes where dehydration happens faster, it’s still a good idea to get as much H2O as possible. Remember, sitting in a long train ride can get taxing; you want to be as comfortable as you can—this means guzzling down that water, at least a glass an hour.

3. Keep Your Valuables Secure

Especially if you are on a train that has multiple stops, passengers are going to be coming in and out of the train. All it takes is a casual bump and your bag is gone. To prevent this from happening, always have your bags within eyesight.

When you need to get up to get food or use the restroom, have someone you know watch your bags for you. (In case something does happen to your bags, look into shipping international or national options.)


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4. Bring as Many Distractions as Possible

The more distractions you bring, the better. We are talking about your IPod, a book, Sudoku, a puzzle, you name it—if it can distract you for an hour, bring it. The last thing you want to do is sit on the train for hours on end staring out the window. While doing this may work to stave off boredom for an hour, chances are you’ll soon be painfully counting down the minutes until you arrive.

5. Don’t Forget Hygiene

Just because you are on a long train ride for hours does not mean you get to skip out on hygiene. That said, bring antiseptic wipes (which can always come in handy), floss, toothbrush, travel toothpaste, toiletries, travel deodorant, eye drops, and—if you wear contacts—contact solution. These necessities will not only fight germs, dirt, and sweat but will make you feel more relaxed and sane on a train crowded with passengers.

6 Sleep Is Your Best Friend

No matter if you’re heading to Los Angeles or New York City, sleeping on the train can be your biggest distraction. To get the most ZZZs, bring a travel pillow, blanket, and some noise-canceling headphones. When you are sleeping, play some soothing music to block out the surrounding noise.    

Bonus: Bring a Mask

Let’s face it, even if you are in a sleeping car, you are surrounded by people for several hours on end. Even if you are the most extroverted person, you can eventually become drained. To make sure you are stress-free, have a spa day on the train. Put on a mask (and even cucumber slices if you have them!).

Final Thoughts: Going on Long Train Rides Doesn’t Have to Be Horrible

Often times, we groan when we think of long plane or train rides, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Planning ahead and following these tips will guarantee a much more relaxing experience. Have any other tips? Be sure to comment below.   

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