STOP IT! You’re driving me nuts

Why do you do this to me? Why are you saying that? Why did you do that? Leave me alone. Stop it. You’re driving me nuts. Go away. Stop talking. I’m not listening. Stop making that noise. I can hear you chewing. Stop doing that. I can’t take it anymore.

Have you ever been so frustrated, upset, or angry at someone that you just want to scream STOP IT!!? Have you been in a frustrating situation where you’ve said or shouted the things above?

Why is it the people we love the most get under our skin?

Sometimes patience runs thin & that fine line is crossed. We have had enough and can’t take it any longer.

Do you struggle with your anger? Is it hard to keep your emotions in check? Do angry hurtful words fly off your tongue faster than a rocket? Do you find yourself apologizing afterwards?

Do you find yourself bubbling with emotion as you try to hold it back?

Is it easy for a loved one to provoke you to anger or frustration?

Do you often say or scream “stop it”? If you answered YES to any of the above, continue reading…

There’s a super effective solution to help you resolve your emotions!

It’s natural. It’s part of being human. We allow those we love to hurt us the most because we love them.

At the very moment when you feel yourself getting angry, frustrated, swelling like a volcano ready to explode with anger and hurtful words – take a deep breath and ask yourself:

Will any of this matter in 5 years?
If this person is not alive tomorrow, will I regret what I’m about to say? Is your angry about to change your life?

Your answer to these 3 simple questions should determine how you proceed.

Bookmark this page if you’re not sure you’ll remember these.

Love Always,



  1. It’s so hard to keep calm sometimes when you’re trying to, and the person keeps doing the same thing… But with these questions in mind… I think one would have a rethink before an outburst

  2. I have definitely been in the situation where I want to scream STOP IT! I do try and take some deep breaths within myself though and look at the situation from another point of view.

  3. I needed this reminder, especially after the particularly challenging morning with my oldest. The 5 years question is my go-to. I try to get him to reason that through and also stop to think it myself. Great post!

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