Conquering Stress with Writing

I need to write & I’m not alone.


  1. It’s amazing story! And I think you’re very positive person. I’m also thinking about adopting baby, I would like to have bigger family, but my doctors told me, that another one pregnancy can weaken me too much. I have heart problems, that’s why they told me that.

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  2. This is a great story. Writing has always been a sort of therapy for everyone. It is a way we all can express our emotions. Adoption is a beautiful thing and every child that has been adopted are blessings. Thanks for sharing your story.


  3. Wow.. It was so Beautiful and emotional
    Thank for Sharing this lovely Story with us. With every story like this you change a bit about how I look at life and how I should be strong and positive in challenging times. I’ve got a full life ahead of me and whatever I do and decide will be a little bit affected by this!

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  4. I think children who do get adopted are special because sometimes they are coming from really scary situations. I think your story will resonate with others who have gone through the same thing. Adoption is beautiful.


  5. What a wonderfully inspiring story you have. I’m so glad you have let God lead you down the right path in your life.


  6. I really do not know what to say! Your story is really inspirational. I started my blog for something else, to help new companies. But I do write in my spare time and just note my thoughts and feeling down. I have kept my emotions inside too much and it did affect my health but writing things down has really help especially when it comes to my conscience!

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  7. Wow how amazing that writing has helped you overcome stress. I feel the same way, it has got me through some difficult times over the years.

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