Sounds like a Big Fish Story – but it’s true!

I must share with you the craziness that was yesterday. Since my husband met me, he has told me that he loved the adventure of everyday with us. He had read some of our adventures right here on this blog and had heard even more stories that the kids and I shared with him verbally.

So many oddities and yet, they were all very real and true. Our lives were a bit hard to believe until he joined us and has been able to experience some of his own crazy adventures daily 😉

Yesterday was such a strange day, I just have to tell you about it. I normally only share my personal adventures, but this one …is just really weird.

He travels a lot. His mother and other family live in Indiana and we live here in good ole’ Tennessee. While in transit yesterday from Tennessee to Indiana, I gave him a quick call just to say “I love you” and ask how he was doing. While we are on the line with one another, I hear his voice trail off as he begins to scream “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!!”

He had dropped the phone (thus his voice sounding distant yet still very loud on the line).  I tried to get his attention, “Honey? Sweetie? Are you there?  Can you hear me?”.  Finally he picks the phone up and says, “Chrissy!!! Something just hit me! It came out of the sky. What was that?”. His voice is calm, yet excited. He sounds shaken, yet composed. I am not sure how else to describe it.

“Are you okay? What happened?” I ask. My heart is racing and I am imagining all types of things like Superman landing on earth…on the hood of his truck.

“It came from the sky Chrissy! Do you understand? It hit me. There is glass inside the truck. The dash is busted. My GPS is hanging from the cord. There’s a HUGE gash in the hood of the truck. I think it hit more than just me. There’s another car that pulled off the road and at least another one that just…kept driving.” His voice is anxious.

I wanted to comfort him…but I didn’t know what to say. So, I switched into emergency mode. “Praise God you are alright!!! Hang tight honey. I need to ask you some questions, so don’t get frustrated with me. I’ll call the insurance company immediately after you answer, okay?”

“Yeah” he replied.

“Where are you?” I asked.

He replied, “Just past Corbin.”

“Oh…you’re in Kentucky. Okay. Mile marker?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen one.” He answered.

“Stay where you are, if you can, okay? I’ll get you a tow truck and call you right back.” And with that, we disconnected. I called our insurance company (which by the way is TOTALLY awesome) and they did a 3-way call to connect my husband. The lady from the insurance company pinned down the place as close as she could and sent a tow truck out, scheduled the adjuster to come view the truck damage in KY, and set up the rental car company reservation so he could continue his trip.

During one of the transfers from roadside help to the claims area, I was lost from the 3-way call. I paced the floors, talked to the kids, wrung my hands, pulled up his place on Google Maps and worried myself silly until the insurance company called me again.

After speaking with the insurance company again, I called my husband back. I let him talk, vent and say anything on his mind so he could release some of that understandable anxiety I’m sure he had. He recounted the occurrence for me again and again…”it fell from the sky!”

One of the emergency highway people stopped in to check on him and showed him a huge piece of…metal?…iron?…or whatever it was to him. They said they had just retrieved it out of the highway to prevent other motorist from having an accident. (He took a picture of it, but he hasn’t sent the picture to me yet so I can see.) He asked the people if he could keep it and they declined stating that their boss might need it for something.

The other vehicle that also pulled off the side of the road had a blown tire. They spoke with my husband as well. Everyone checked on everyone else to make sure everyone was okay and then the other motorist left.

Is this crazy or what?

So, the object that hit the truck took a chunk out of the hood in 2 places,  then it flipped up on the windshield and made 3 huge splatter in the glass busting the entire windshield, last it flipped over the cab and took a chunk out of the snug cover on the back of the truck. As it rolled off the truck, it struck the car driving behind him and blew out their tire. Last it must have bounced off 1 or 2 other cars that just kept on driving.

It fell from the sky. No dump trucks on the highway. No trucks hauling anything. No overpass nearby. No bridges to drive under. It fell from the sky!

Here it is. The strange object from the sky…

It fell from the Sky in Kentucky!
It fell from the Sky in Kentucky!

Later in the evening, I shared the day’s events with my father over the phone. He asked if there was an airport near that part of I75N. I couldn’t find one on the map, so I don’t know. What if it came off an airplane? What if it fell from space? What if, what if, what if?

I’m just thankful that I still have my husband, he’s alive, and he’s safe & healthy.

What an adventure!!!!!!!!

Wanna see?




    • Not yet. The Kentucky police have the actual object. They say this is so common in KY that it’s really just not “a big deal”. Isn’t that just plain weird?

  1. Oh my goodness what a story definitely one to re-tell in years to come! Your husband had such a lucky escape I can’t imagine how he must have felt and you were amazing to organise everything from a distance whilst worrying about him. Kudos to your insurance people too it’s reassuring to know there are good people out there.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your husband is okay. I’ve driven that stretch of road many times, so I’ll have to be extra careful if things are falling out of the sky. Like your husband, I have family in Indiana and live in Tennessee.

    • Since I’ve shared this story, I have heard a great many stories about things falling from the sky in Kentucky. In fact, the insurance adjuster with Geico said this is definitely not the the first time he’s heard this same type of story. He inferred that it was common up there. Freaky!

      Please do be careful on your trips back and forth also 🙂

  3. hello there! what an unbelievable story! It’s good though nobody got injured … Thank you also for stopping by @ trashbus! 🙂

  4. See, my husband is from Indy. I lived there the first two years I was Stateside. And nothing remotely this interesting ever happened! Assume you checked the weather … those Kentuckiana (I personally prefer the term Inducky if you’re going to blend the regions but couldn’t get anyone to agree), storms can sure fling stuff afar. I did discover that people in Indiana tend to flip their cars a lot for absolutely no reason on wide open stretches if road and that my husband, ever the hero, had us as first responders at so many scenes I was worried we’d be accused of being some road accident equivalent of fire starters! But honestly, one time a car from nowhere literally starting somersaulting along the interstate and we truly thought it was a light aircraft. Which brings me to the other thing I noted whilst there. As well as being awful drivers, that region has a significantly high number of light aircraft accidents. I recollect these things as I’m from a family of pilots, my brother and Dad fly out here and are stunned at the quality of both pilot and aircraft training/monitoring. On one occasion in Indy, an aircraft landed in the carpark of the Walmart the airstrip neighbored – landing on the brigh. t and shiny row if cars behind ours that the pilot didn’t see … as he was blinded by the glare from the windows if the only other building there …. the HQ if an insurance company lol. So my money would be on a piece of aircraft.

    I am so glad your husband (and everyone else it seems), is OK. I’d have been beside myself at the point at which you git cut off! You were incredibly level headed in galvinizing the troops in such a state if worry … in my book, the mark if someone who’s had to do a lit if rational things in a ton of crazy situations 🙂

    Now. In true big fish story tradition – back home in England I was rained on by frogs and straw. Yup. You can Googlemail it – Raining Straw in Orpington. Wind patterns not plague and pestilence but England being prone more to cynicism than religious ferver, nobody got all that excited by it. Sadly the poor frogs suffered the same fate – whole pondful of ’em scooped up miles away and dumped in Kent. Ask your husband if he saw a cow, an oil tanker truck and hay flying around ….

    • I completely agree with you about those Indy and Kentuckiana drivers. While traveling up there to see family with my husband, I’ve seen some horrific accidents on wide open highways. (And by the way, I love the term “Inducky”.) 🙂
      Sounds like you had a fabulous adventure when you were rained on by frogs and straw too! I can’t even imagine that. Wow…just wow! That’s pretty cool.

      I spoke to him tonight on the phone, but didn’t get a chance to ask him about the flying cow, oil tanker, or hay though. Maybe I’ll get to ask him tomorrow, ha ha ha!

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