Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is just around the corner and I would like to do something different this year than last. Cruising around several blogs today I read several articles about gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  I really agreed somewhat with these authors, yet I wanted somethings a tad different from my family.

I hope to spread inspiration in the form of inexpensive gift giving ideas that I promise will hit a home run (well…with me anyway)! Last year for mother’s day I wrote an ode to my mom. (If you missed it, you can catch up here .)

I always feel guilty around Mother’s Day for several reasons. One – I don’t think I’ve been a good daughter for my still living mother. Two – my birthday was less than a month ago. Having a late April birthday never bothered me until 17 years ago when I became a mother.  I feel like there is too much cost involved in me existing during the Spring months.

Anyway, because I am frugal minded and have a conscience, I would like to offer up some inexpensive and easy gift ideas for all the kiddos and hubbys out there (mainly mine)!

Here are a few things I certainly would love (hint hint):

    • Tell your Mom you love her – in person!  Never send a Happy Mother’s day message to her through email, text, phone call, or voice mail. A good ole fashioned hug around her tired and worn neck, plus a whispered I love you Mom goes a long way.
    • Take out the trash – without asking for a trophy for doing so. Mom sees everything you do. There is no need to point out what you have done for her 😉
    • Mop the floor for her
      image– Hasn’t she spent enough time on her hands and knees scrubbing your muddy shoe prints, spilled drinks, food crumbs, and other unmentionable sticky residue?
    • Clean out her car!! Kids, you know every piece of paper, empty water bottle, broken object, and chewed on plastic “hidden” in the car. You also know how long you’ve been watching that one lonely french fry you threw slowly harden in the back window. Make your mother the happiest woman in the world and clean up after yourself! (Without being reminded or asked.) Clean your finger prints off her windows so she can safely drive at night and sneakily vacuum her carpets.
    • Buy Mom some air fresheners for the car. Hubby and children, when mom shuttles you to and from sports, workouts, and competitions – where do you think your sweat goes as your back and butt magically dry on the way home?  In the car seats….**shudder…Ew! If you are the sweaty culprit, perhaps it would be a nice gesture to clean mom’s upholstery for her or simply buy her an air freshener for her car.
    • For one day, offer in a home-made card to refrain from asking for anything from your mother. Don’t ask her to find anyone or thing for you, what time your next game is, if anyone can spend the night, where any objects are located, the next designated time for the refrigerator to regenerate missing food, to cook you anything, which shirt looks better, to feed your dog, to discuss the unfair issues around current school discipline, or when the magic body wash fairy will return because you are out.  …Just for one day, please?
    • Make her brownies and keep your hands out of them 🙂
    • Tell her she is beautiful. Every mother is beautiful and probably doesn’t hear it enough.

Bonus: For 1 day, avoid drinking milk straight from the container & don’t lick the syrup 🙁

  • Let her drink coffee all day! Don’t judge her. After all, she’s raising you or yours, right?
  • Mow the yard for her without a congressional meeting to convince you to do so.
  • Offer to help her pick weeds out of her flower garden 🙂
  • Offer to dig a hole for her to plant more flowers. This one is so easy guys.- Is it going to take much time or effort to dig a hole?
  • Ask her to take a walk with you. Sometimes mom’s are so busy doing all the little things that she forgets to take a relaxing walk. If your mom is young, hip, or into exercise – run with her!

Whatever you do, don’t buy her chocolate. You know she can’t resist that stuff and there’s a beach vacation coming up soon.

Please enjoy some of these other great articles about Mother’s Day gift giving as well that I’ve found:  WriterMom’s Blog, Oulaw Mama,

And these are just plain inspirational 🙂

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  1. Over the years I and then the boys, have bought wife and mother, a vast assortment of gifts. I am not the most creative of people so I generally buy her jewellery. These last couple of years when we ask her what she would like us to do for her for Mother’s Day her reply has been “nothing” and we are at a loss as to what to do for her. We have taken her out to dinner several times and that seems to be the thing. No more gifts that she really doesn’t find time to use, no more jewellery because there are only so many broaches, pendants and ear-rings that a person can wear – so a nice restaurant and a meal with the family seems to be the answer. Anyway, it works for us. Thank you for your visit, I enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for linking to my blog here, I really appreciate it. And I’m enjoying your blog too. I’ve added you in my links section, hopefully it’ll direct some likeminded people this way.

  3. Great list! I hope you get a few of these awesome gifts for Mothers Day! I think my 3 year old and 7 year old would struggle to do most of these things, but the intention behind the ideas is really the important part. :O)

  4. I told my husband I want to sleep in, not have to cook any meals, do any laundry, clean anything, etc. He said, “So basically, you want Mother’s Day without your family?” HA!

  5. Thank you so much for the mention! My first one! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am thinking I will print off this list and stick it where my kids can find it! Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the mention! I love your list of free things a family can do for a mom! That is so good- and so true! I’m going to have to share that with my hubby : )

  7. Thank you so much for the mention! I am so thrilled that I found your blog! Have a great mothers day! I am sending this post to my husband!

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