PTSD & Halloween

PTSD & Halloween are not normally pleasantly placed in sentence structure side by side. I wondered how Halloween, (the movies, the costumes, and all that comes with it), may or may not interfere with the boys PTSD recovery.

My youngest seems to be doing well with it. He’s always loved the gorie scary cheesy B movies. That, he took from me. From the time I was a wee grasshopper, I always loved to watch scary movies…until a bloody death was a reality in front of me.

Back to the boys, they have become engrossed in Zombies over the last two years. They’ve always blown there heads off in video games, but I think the zombie aspect of “scary” is easier to deal with for them than a real death scene on TV. Overall, I think my youngest son is doing ok. He went to a haunted house and haunted corn maze with me last night. My youngest doesn’t avoid talking about his father, he embrasses those memories.

My oldest son is a different story though. He avoids any speech about sickness or death. He will not watch drama on TV and he gets upset if anyone references his father. He still kills zombies playing various games (Black Ops, Resident Evil, Dead Island, and Left for Dead), but his attitude about Halloween has changed. If he can’t be with his sisters, nieces, & nephews on Halloween- he just wants to be home alone. He wants to withdraw completely and just let the day pass like any other.

Their sisters are grown women and I can’t force guilt on them to come here with us for Halloween for my oldest son’s recovery. My oldest wants to withdraw from the day, which is fine. But, my youngest wants to trick or treat. I am torn as a mom how to satisfy both boys’ desires.

I’ll write more tomorrow when we see how PTSD & Halloween work out.

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  2. In Ancient Times Halloween was a time to honor the Ancestors and the beloved dead. This is the source of “Dumb suppers” and Mexican Day of the Dead. It probably is too soon.. but it is an idea for the future.

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