PTSD Positive Benefits

PTSD Positive Benefits are to be considered a blessing. It’s all in the outlook taken on the subject.
It’s amazing how PTSD affects everyone differently. No matter how it affects a person, there are positive side effects or benefits.

How can you make such a statement?
The negative reactions that occur from PTSD affect how a person thinks or perceives an item, issue, another person, time, season, smell, taste, and many other things. PTSD can cause skepticism, paranoid tendencies, and/or avoidance.

If the result of behavior (due to the items listed above) is a heightened sense of someone’s surroundings, is that bad? Not necessarily since this can cause someone who was not engaged in life previously to become engulfed with it.

After dealing with the heightened PTSD in the horrid stages, there are parts of a person’s personality that will forever be changed. These changes can be good.

Someone who previously lived a mundane existence of the day to day, can change their perception of what each day holds, brings, or has potential to become. The fowl of air have purpose, a hug from a loved on becomes standard at every meeting, & saying goodbye to someone as they leave to make a 15 minute trip down the road is treated like it could be the last.

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