What Legacy Will You Leave?

What Legacy Will You Leave?

Last night my boys & I attended a funeral service for my Aunt Patsy. The minister spoke of how she was always smiling, the love she spread, protective nature, & her deep seated faith in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ (the Legacy she Left).

I wondered how the funeral service would affect the boys. This was their first funeral service since losing their dad in October of 2009. It was difficult for them.

Aunt Patsy’s funeral was totally different than their daddy’s for many reasons though. The biggest reason being everyone in the family, distant or close, knew the status of Aunt Patsy’s relationship with God. Her funeral really was a celebration of her life!! What Legacy Will You Leave? The boys’ father very rarely spoke of faith or of any personal convictions for Salvation. When he passed, there was no celebration, only great sorrow. All hoped he went to a better place, but there was great doubt.

Aunt Patsy was full of life and the fruits of her faith were & are so very obvious!! Her Legacy was strong and prevailed.

When it is your time to part from this life, how will your obituary read? What will others stand around & remember about you? What words will they use to describe you? 

It all suddenly clicked for my boys!!

What Legacy Will You Leave?

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  1. As my boys struggle with their father’s disaffection from faith, I too am heartened when they have faith affirming experiences. Sounds like even in death,your aunt continues to bless lives with her example.

  2. I’ll start by giving my condolences to you and your family. Then I’ll say, we should mourn the flesh and celebrate the soul and we should judge by character not content because we all fall short of perfection.

  3. It’s not the quantity of life you live that matters in the end, so much as the quality of the life choose. Lost a friend of mine from childhood to cancer about a week ago as well as reading about your Aunt Patsy, so the subject has been on my mind as well. My prayers for you and all your family as well for your loss.

  4. I agree. A very moving post. It is always difficult to say goodbye to those we love but when a positive legacy is left it does make a difference. I am sorry for the loss of your Aunt Patsy.

  5. In the final analysis, our success will be measured by how well we finished our race with the supernatural power of our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you for this post as well as your subscription to my blog! May we continue propagating God’s awesomeness and love. 😀

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