Another Day Another Adventure

God’s hand is there extended for all of us, if only we reach for it.

On labor day, I had a minor snaffu. It had been raining here for several days. I was driving to work and traffic was crawling along. Covered by run-off rain water, the roads in some places had become impassable. I carefully chose a route that would be safe, well travelled, and lit well for visibility. As I pulled out from a traffic light and began to accelerate on a level surfaced road, my tires lost traction & the car began to hydroplane. The brakes, of course, didn’t work. So, I attempted to correct the slide with the steering. Nothing would stop the slide & I was headed straight on toward a utility pole…
…just as I was about to collide head first into certain death, some how, some way the car quickly slid sideways at the last possible second and I’m alive. I have no idea logically how the car redirected its position, but my life was spared.
All I could say was, “Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord.” The vehicle straightened up, there was no oncoming traffic and no traffic behind me. Where had all the other vehicles gone? I still don’t know.  I drove to work. After I’d been there for a little while, I went out to check my vehicle. My tires were flat, but not much else appeared to be visible. A tire change here & there & I was mobile once more.

God’s hand was stretched out to me on labor day. His hand guided my vehicle to safety. I have absolutely no doubt about that!  So, once again, I thank God for another daily adventure 🙂

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