I’d Love to Pin You!

I love the blogging community. I visit your sites dear followers and I pin your articles on Pinterest (if you have that sharing button available). Pinterest_Logo

I also share your posts on other social networks, but I’ve noticed that Pinterest draws more reposts (repins) for you (and hopefully more interest) than Facebook or Twitter.

So that this can be a more collaborative event, I would like to begin anew. I’ve added a new Pin Board to Pinterest named Let’s Pin Each Other

If you were already following me on Pinterest, I’ve sent you an invite to be an admin on this Pinning Board. Having admin rights allows you to also pin pages, sites, and pictures to this board so you too can promote your own business, interests, blogs, and causes near and dear to your heart.

If you have not received an invite, be patient. Pinterest will only allow me to grant 5 admins every 30 minutes it seems (so I am not marked as spam). Also, please know that if you are not following me on Pinterest, I cannot send you an invite to become an admin.

Let’s support each other and pin way.Β  After-all, I’d Love to Pin You!!

Not sure what to do? Take these steps:

  1. Set up an account on Pinterest (if you have not already).Β  You can use this link to get to Pinterest and will be prompted to set up an account if you do not have one: http://pinterest.com/csachb/lets-pin-each-other/
  2. Follow me – You’ll see a button to Follow All boards, but you really shouldn’t have to do that if you do not want to. It is important that you Follow that board named Let’s Pin Each Other though. If you do not follow this board, I can not invite you to be an admin.
  3. Add the Pinterest sharing button to your blog if it is not already there. If you need help doing this, WordPress offers assistance on this help page: http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/
  4. Start Pinning your favorite articles πŸ™‚Β  I would recommend that you only pin 3-4 of your own personal articles a month for the board to be successful. If you only write once a week, this should be easy for you. If you pin to many too often, it may turn off others as they scroll through the board looking for articles to read.Β  So, scatter your pins on this board to be more effective πŸ™‚
  5. Any SPAM pinning will be removed and admin privileges provoked.
  6. I will follow one or more of your boards.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pin each other dear writers, business owners, and heartfelt causes or charities!!

Happy Pinning πŸ™‚


UPDATE: 3/1/2014 Β  Β  7:31PM

Pinterest has just resolved my service ticket with them and I can now add new pinners to this board. So, drop me a line or comment below if you’re still following me and still waiting to be added to this group Β board. I’ll add you ASAP!


  1. Hi! Please, could you send me an invite to be an admin on “Let’s pin each other” I’m already following that board (my Pinterest’s account – Planetodayimage)

    My blog is on wordpress.org and has the Pinterest sharing button.




  2. Hi Christina,

    Hows it going? I just started getting into pintrest and keen to get me teeth into it.
    Came across your lets pin each other board earlier and thought how such a good idea that is I just had to get in touch!

    Anyway I am following both you and the board and have just changed my sharing buttons on my blog to allow for pinterest on there!

    Oh and btw my profile on pintrest is pinterest.com/BRUMBLOG/
    Looking forward to repinning some epic pins.
    All the Best

    – Phillip


  3. Hi! I just followed your “Let’s Pin Each Other” board, but it’s not showing up when I attempt to pin…? Only my own boards are showing up as options to pin. I’m a newbie to Pinterest, so I apologize if this is a simple thing to figure out! Any suggestions? Thank you!


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