We moved back home!!

It’s been a while since I have written anything and for that, I apologize.  I do have some fabulous news though…we moved back home on October 31st!

The boys were a tad perturbed that they didn’t get to keep their Halloween plans made with friends, but we needed every available body to help lift, carry, and unpack.

We moved practically everything on that day/night. Afterwards, I went back to the rental property we were residing in and cleaned it up. That didn’t take long though – just a few hours. We left it looking far better (and a lot more clean) than when we moved into it 🙂

If you have followed the blog for a while, maybe you remember the house flooding? (It’s okay if you forgot, you can catch up if you read here.)

Maybe you remember the house sliding off its foundation almost a year later? (No problem if you forgot. You can catch up if you read here or here for details.)

I stopped writing about the house in February 2012 (I think) because I didn’t want the house to become the entire focus of this blog. And I decided that I would write once we were moved back into the house. I didn’t know that it would be the last day in October that would happen though.

I am going to do a reveal post soon and show some before and after photos so I can publicly thank everyone that helped us during this time in our lives. The project started the last week in December 2011 and was completed Oct 31, 2012. I am filled with joy to be back home again and I hope your hearts are touched with the story I reveal soon 🙂



  1. I read your post last night, and you’re right…I didn’t know you had been displaced from your home. At any rate, my daughter came and sat down by me and said, “Who is that?” And I am happy to report that I had the chance to say, “A nice lady whom I met through having my blog.”

    Thank you for sharing in life with me, I look forward to your story to come and the photos.

    • Thank you Rivka for your sweet words. My boys are familiar with your blog also (and have commented on your writing in the past actually: “Does she write books? Would you buy one for me?” There are so many emotions that you are experiencing that I honestly relate to – because I’ve… well, I don’t want to remember those times. I’ll just say I love you with the love of my Lord!!! 🙂

      • You have no idea how the comments from your “boys” inspire me. Thank you for sharing them, and thank you to them for asking. I have been putting off writing a book that is already in my head. Your love and encouragement is sound motivation…on many fronts!

  2. So glad for you Christina. There’s absolutely no place like home! As you know-my home was arsoned while I was taking care of my mother before she passed from this cruel world.
    SO I could not go back home but I thank God that you could and did!
    I love you Christina and wish you the BEST! Aunt Evlou

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