Post Concussion Syndrome

If banging my head hard enough to black out wasn’t enough of an eye opener, I’ve had an opportunity to see the compassionate nature of people & the uncaring, self absorbed part of a few people as well.

Plaqued by strange symptoms, fears of fading memories, and the anxiety that comes with this type of accident, have allowed me to see life differently again.

On Sunday night, July 10th, I had experienced enough pain in various places to scare me into going to the ER. Over the course of 3 days, my left leg kept going to sleep (numb) at random times. It didn’t last long at first, just a few minutes. Then I would have have a pain in my right arm. My head continued to pound an enormous drum. Then my right leg started to pain up, as if I had ciatica. I drove myself to Ft Sanders Hospital ER. There I had a CT scan done (after I peed in a cup because they thought I could be a druggee) or had a concussion. The Dr came to me a few hours later & told me that I would be fine. He said you have PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome). He told me to go home & sleep for 24 hrs, with no stress, noise, or bright lights.

Wow, this was sounding more & more like a migraine, not a concussion. I know migraines too well! Anyway, they decided that I just needed to rest.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I got home that evening. I don’t remember much from that point.
I actually don’t remember what I wrote above either. I must have written this entry the day of or the day after. I find myself with short term memory farts now. The one thing I do remember & may never forget is how my boss handled it.

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