Flooding Adventures

These are comical everyday adventure memories for me, but let’s see how others perceive it…

During the summer months 11 years ago, my 2 youngest step daughters were hanging out with me while their daddy was at work. Out of nowhere, a heavy rain storm came through town. It was an amazing storm. Deafening thunder rumbled over our heads and lightening stuck the ground all around our home. My youngest son came & jumped into my lap so the storm couldn’t get him. As I attempted to reassure him that he was safe, he kept pointing toward the front door. The rain fell so hard, so fast, it was coming in the front door!! It had never flooded here before, so I was shocked.
Both my daughters & I jumped up, ran outside & began diverting the water from the house. We dug out a clogged drain in our side yard. Then carried 2 huge fire safe doors out of the back bedroom, around the house, and created a  barricade to protect the front door.
We were soaked to the bone and chilling. Suddenly, we realized that it had stopped raining. As quickly as it came, if left. The sun was shining and birds chirped…and we were soaked. We just stood there & looked at each other….OK, well, uhm?
My husband rolled into the driveway shortly afterwards. He gave us an odd look & asked why we were wet! 🙂

Then, around 9 years ago, my step daughter, my son in-law, the boys, my husband & I were home enjoying time together just
hanging out.  You see, this step daughter, (I have 4 of them by the way), was visiting from Murfreesboro, TN. My husband decided to cook a large meal & our tiny kitchen was heating up. It was autumn time, had been raining all day, and our windows were glazing over with condensation. At the time, we all smoked cigarettes as well. So, my husband declared he was going to step outside for a moment to smoke in fresh air. (Smoke in fresh air, ha!!)
He opened the front door and we all saw an invisible wall that somehow held 2 feet of water magically in the air!! The invisible wall broke and all that rain water rushed into the house. Quickly, he shut the door and yelled “Chriiiissssyyyy!!!!”
Since I was standing there anyway, Aud & I snapped into action. After cleaning the water up assessing the damages…it was determined everything would dry & we’d be just fine.

We didn’t flood again until 2009. It rained a lot that year while my husband was sick. Some water would make its way in the house, but nothing major. What’s odd is that on the day we buried him, it didn’t rain. It had rained everyday for 3 week straight & then it just paused for a day and then started right back up again after the funeral.

On Feb 28, 2011 we suffered the worse storm water damage yet. My 14 year old son called me at work & left me a voice mail message:

huh, mom, uhhh…I DIDN’T DO IT, but uhm…when you walk on the floor, the carpet squirts you in the eye. I didn’t do anything though.
Okay, well, bye Mom. I love you.

I told my boss I needed to go home and did. I was shocked yet  again. There was 6 inches of water standing throughout the house. I ran (or drove quickly) to Lowes, then Home Depot to buy a water extracter or shampooer, or something.

I came home with a dehumidifer instead, ha ha!!

What’s funny?
The voice mail my son left me. It played over & over in my head!!

I wiped out my savings, used all the income tax return (thanked God for the qualifying widow benefit I was able to file for 2 years) and…hired two crews to fix the mess. One crew extracted water and quarantined my house. I guess black or grey water is very dangerous. 
So, my carpet, padding, & floors are ripped out of the house, thrown on the front lawn, and yellow caution ribbon quarantined it.  LOL!! 🙂  I should have added that to my bucket list: Actually own quarantined carpet, LOL!

The second crew came in and rebuilt the floors and laid the carpet & padding.

All in stride, I say. We have stronger floors now, new carpet, and I’d hoped we wouldn’t flood again. My homeowners insurance wouldn’t pay a dime on any damages!!

Then…less than a week ago, we flooded…again. 

I had two choices at this point…get depressed 🙁 , cry :'( , scream   😮  “Why, oh WHY?” or I could smile 🙂 , thank God we still have a home 🙂 , and start sucking water out of the carpet AGAIN :$ .
I chose to laugh, suck out water, and the whole time hear my son’s voice mail from Feb 28th in my head…over & over again.  🙂

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  1. Big, reversible Shop Vac is what you are looking for, next time. The house here flooded in the big event last May, and got in the den and the garage, with basically the same results. Took me and my neighbor about 6 months of work to get the den straightened out, but it came out better than before. So I can sympathize…

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