To live with someone who is perpetually unsatisfied, unhappy, & seemingly unfulfilled is miserable indeed.

It’s a life of constantly trying to paint a rainbow for someone who only sees fog. It’s like trying to make a sad clown smile. Begging a person you love to see life through different eyes is like trying to convince a caterpillar that one day it will fly.

Some people are never happy with their lives though. They are simply not content.

It’s tiring. It’s sad. If you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked into their unintentional vortex of self-inflicted misery. It’s exhausting to live with & can break the soul of a good-hearted person. It’s contagious.

We can’t fix everyone. We can’t help those who don’t want to be happy. Some people have this unhappy, unsatisfied, & non content nature so deeply ingrained in them they can’t see it. They deny it. They justify it. They even embrace it (because they couldn’t identify with themselves without it). Those sad folks will reach out for positivity from time to time, but not embrace happiness themselves. They’ll crave to be around happy people to feed off the happy vibe.
But slowly, they will suck the happy slowly away from the unsuspecting donor.

How can anyone not smile when they see a sunrise? How can someone not be filled with joy when walking on the beach. Why does someone push away their peace while hiking in the mountains? If a small child hands you a toy phone, how do you not feel a happy tingle when you see them smile as you answer it. How can you not feel like you’d take on the world when your little girl or boy calls out “daddy” or “mommy”. When you feel a breeze on your face, how can you not feel peaceful? Why wouldn’t you be grateful to have a wife/husband at home – there waiting on you, loving you, trying to make your days easier…more happy?
How can that dog whose so happy to see you mean nothing? Doesn’t your cat make you happy as he purs loudly seeking safety in your arms?

But, alas…Some people are never happy with what they have (always thinking back on things that were or looking on to things that could be). Some people will spend their entire existence coveting what someone else has while ignoring what they have right in front of them.

So sad.

You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help 🙁 And at this point in my life, I’m exhausted…& tired.


  1. I’ve found that people who are in a perpetual state of unhappiness have either lost or never had true happiness. They desire to be unhappy and choose to deny a way out of their doldrums. I’ve learned that it requires a conscience effort (at least on my part) to disallow negativity to overshadow my desire to be happy. I had to advise people that I did not want to discuss anything that was negative that they were not going to do anything about. I found most people didn’t have anything to discuss which opened the door for me to bring about a positive change in my own life and some others. I also found that some people thought I was being rude and contrite. I had to make a change in my own life in order to maintain or regain my sanity.

  2. Thanks for sharing some very good thoughts. There are many reasons to be sad and there are many reasons to be happy. Everyone has a story and that story ultimately becomes a long list of experiences. Some people do have what seems to be a heavy list of difficult experiences so it makes sense they will be dealing with a lot.

    In the past couple of years I have been laid off from a job I did over 20 years. I was near retirement. Then, within a year, I had 2 major back surgeries. They came in through the tummy and through the back. You could have fit a softball through my body except that my spine was there. They pulled apart my spine, drilled out the inside so I had more room from the spinal cord, then straightened it out and bolted it back together. While in there they repaired a broken vertebra that was poking into my spinal cord. I could hardly walk. They maxed out the morphine but I could not even tell they were giving me pain killer it hurt so bad. I would go into shock and start to pass out when I tried to walk. It took 9 months for the pain to go away. Now that I am doing better… and I just found out I have prostate cancer. I am keeping busy trying to build up strength so I am ready.

    I am working hard to have a positive attitude. I feel that I spend much more time trying to listen to others and help them than I spend on sharing my “woes”. I know, I am telling my story now and I appreciate you listening. But, generally, I do not dwell on my self. I like to focus on tomorrow and to enjoy to beauty of the world around.

    In the end, we all wrestle with emotions that can either focus on things we do not have… or can focus on the beauty of what we do have. Your stories about the sunrise and children are so true… happiness can be found in so many places.

    I wish you the very best… sweet rest… a soul that is refreshed. I hope you see lots of dogs and cats that make you smile and children that can make your heart swell with joy.

    Your stories have encourage me. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts.

    • Brad, you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey and opening your heart 🙂 As always, you’re a pleasure to hear from. I will continue to pray for your health.

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