Calamity or Lesson Learning Time?

Forgive my absence dear readers, I’ve been clamoring through some misadventures lately.  🙁

Within a short time, one of my sons broke a laptop we gave him for his birthday. We attempted to have it fixed since he only damaged the screen badly, but we were advised that it would cost more to replace the screen than the laptop was worth!

My phone has been jacked up since the last AT&T software update and I had to remove WordPress from it. So, no posting from there!

Then, the desktop PC I use for work had a brain fart after a totally random update began to download along with an unwanted piggy-backed program (Norton). The entire PC died as we stared at the ominous Blue Screen of Death right  before Halloween.  This had to be remedied quickly, because as I mentioned, it was the PC used for work!  $$$

At the same time the desktop went down, I had pulled out my trusty (yet teenage abused and overloaded) laptop to keep us in business. My laptop started acting up too.  Although I vigorously cleaned it, cleared viruses, cleaned out old files and deleted unnecessary music download programs installed by the creatures called teenagers to make memory space, and spent hours fiddling with it…it met its demise as it was knocked off its perch and went crashing to the ground. The screen was obliterated and what’s worse…I was running a complete re-image when it occurred!!  Ahhh!!!  🙁

Several hundred dollars, a headache, heart burn, and a nerve rattled husband later…we have a new-to-us desktop PC (previously owned at a deeply discounted price), and my laptop back in working order with a new screen and some re-mapping done.  Blah 🙁

What’s good in all of this? Praise God we had the money to do the repairs…and thank God I’m now able to “work” with Windows 7!! That old desktop PC was running my husband’s favorite Windows XP junk that I am soooo happy not to be using any longer!!

Anyway, this means that I am back y’all! I can post again!


  1. Perhaps you needed time away from technology thus a broken laptop? Perhaps you needed to slow down, be silent and reflect?

    That’s what I always try to think when some inconvenient things happen: traffic, things braking, not reaching my goals… What is the sign?

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