More Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a continuation of the last article published about keyboard shortcuts. The purpose of learning these shortcuts is to increase your productivity (so there’s more time to drink coffee).

If you haven’t already read the first article, you can find it here.

If you have breezed right through the first one (for beginners) here is a second set of shortcuts that will help you as well. As in the first article, I recommend that you do not allow these shortcuts to frustrate you while learning them. Take it easy. Learn one at a time and slowly merge them into your typing routine. Some may be useful and some may simply not “be for you”.

Where the cool keys hang out :-)
Where the cool keys hang out 🙂

In the last article, we introduced the ctrl button. Here is another function that can save you time using your keyboard.

Ctrl + Z – This is an undo command. When you realize that you have made a mistake, but you have not saved your work yet,  you can use the ctrl+Z combination to undo the last thing you did. It will undo letters (one at a time), remove the last picture, remove the last number or equation that you entered on a spreadsheet. It does the same thing as moving your mouse over the “undo” in any application you are using.

Rolly wheel in middle of mouse
Rolly wheel in middle of mouse

Ctrl + Mouse wheel – This will allow you to ZOOM in or zoom out quickly. Do try this, press the Ctrl button while rolling the ball with your hand. Watch the page or picture ZOOM in or zoom out.


Shift + Delete – This 2 handed function will permanently delete an item without moving it to your recycle bin. This can not be undone. If you just know that you are never going to need something again, shift+delete allows you to eliminate the step of cleaning out your recycle box regularly.

Shift + Arrow Key – If you want to highlight something to copy, cut, delete, or whatever, you can find your pointer in front of or behind the first letter. Then hold the Shift Key while pressing the directional arrow in the direction you want to highlight. This is probably only useful to someone without a mouse 😉

Shift – If you press your right Shift key 5 times – you’ll get a pop up box to enable “Sticky Keys” on your PC.

More F Keys

F2 - Rename

F2 – This little guy will allow you to rename a document or item on your PC. It saves time  because your hand does not have to leave the keyboard to grab the mouse and right-click.  Here is how to do it: Click on the item. Press F2. Now I can rename it. Type the new name. Press enter. The name is saved 🙂

F11 - My menu disappeared!
F11 – My menu disappeared!

F11 – If you want to view something in full screen while on the internet without the menu bar (website address bar at top of your screen), press F11. When you need to see the menu bar again, press F11 to get it back. This one is super amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on something (and the setting for that site removes the website bar up top). When I want to go back or forward…I’m stuck without this little trick.

F12 - SaveAs
F12 – Save As

F12 – Save file as.  This little helper will allow you to “save as” instead of saving over. Sometimes, we all use templates. If we don’t want to type something multiple times. It saves time and is a good idea. So, the F12 will all you to “Save as” a different file name if you need to quickly. This is not the same as Ctrl+S (which just saves over what you already had).

There are more shortcuts out there too. Let me know if anyone wants more 🙂


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