When “Good Enough” Just Has To Do

When the kids were in school, I thought keeping the house in order and clean was pretty easy since we’ve moved back home. Then summer vacation rolled around and each of the three boys were seemingly always running in three different directions. They were not home much, thus the house keeping part of life remained pretty simple. I missed them. I wished they’d hang out at home at least a little so I could see them. The cat even missed them…until they came home & fashioned him a skirt!

In the last couple of weeks the boys have not been running as much though, so they have been home a lot. Although I’ve been happy to share time with them, the house is a terrible mess. I continue my regimen though, trying to clean each room once a day. Not every room actually gets touched though due to the driving around errands that they, my husband, or my parents send me on.

A few days ago, I took an observatory look around to assess the status of the house and determined that something had to give.

  • The laundry room was surprisingly “good enough” but the cleaned clothes had not been folded and put away, still hanging out in club Fold Me (a basket) and the un-mated socks were laying on the folding table mocking me.
  • The living room had become the Music Den.

Two electric guitars were propped against the big picture window, an acoustic guitar was propped by the couch (as though it was watching TV), and an amplifier had become a new type of coffee table holding a drink, book, and several picks. Head phones were strung out on the couch and the TV and DVR remotes were missing. The wah-wah pedal was strategically placed so that any unsuspecting visitor would break their neck.

  • My bathrooms shower/tub needed a super good scrubbing 🙁 The toilet paper roll was missing and in its place a card board roller stared back at me as if to say “the boys have been here…drip dry lady!”
  • The boys’ bathroom had a rather large yellow puddle in the floor near the toilet and their sink was covered in toothpaste. (At least they are brushing their teeth…sigh*)
  • The kitchen…was a casualty of war. It being the most consistently frequented room had suffered the most damage. The trash can was over flowing, the floor had tea, sugar, and other unidentifiable droplets of liquid on the floor. Bread crumbs and jelly covered the table, the toaster was plugged in sitting on the table, and a phone charger dangled from the wall. The counter and both sides of the sink were full of dirty dishes and several cooking pots had a strange crusted substance clinging to them. Upon opening the microwave, I discovered splattered dry goo. Every coffee cup was dirty and the 2 loaves of bread I had bought the evening before were reduced to simply 2 end pieces that only starving people eat.
  • The front porch had become the new home of the long forgotten dirty shoes that no one wanted to clean off and the dog was strangely clinging to the door step rug.

I took a deep breath, got wound up, fussed some, yelled a bit, and scattered the kids to their room. (Their rooms are another story all together. I won’t even describe those.)

I’ve decided summer is officially canceled at this point.

Let the cleaning begin!


  1. You definitely deserve a medal! At least if there is mess at my place I have no-one else to blame. Thanks for the like. I’ll come back & read your posts on ODD & your bucket lists sometime. Cheers Pip

  2. It is nearly impossible to keep a house clean. I thought it was bad when my kids were little but things were left here and there along with the dirty dishes when they were teens. But now, that they are grown up and gone, I would give up a few things for a kid-mess messy house now and then.

  3. I didn’t mean to comment twice. You can just delete it ‘cos I can’t figure out how to.
    Or, you can leave it and just think that it’s such an important message it’s worth saying twice!x

  4. I thought I was reading about my own house here. You have my untold sympathy. But, I am doing the bare essentials because I also will be back at school in a week and I’m not spending the rest of my holiday cleaning. They’ll just have to live in it. I’ll keep the diseases at bay but that’s about it!x

  5. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and nominated you for some awards:


    Very Inspiring blogger award
    One lovely blog award
    The versatile blogger award
    The sunshine award
    The best moment award

    I’ve put them all in one post but if you’ve received one or some of the before, feel free to break the group back in individual awards.

    I hope you enjoy them.

  6. I have a 2 year old, BIG dog, and wonderful (even when he doesn’t wipe his feet.. Ever… )
    The dog… Well he is a short-haired giant… But the hair is everywhere. He is certainly the most innocent.
    2 year old son… Incredibly smart. Learned his alphabet, but can’t understand why I make him get off the couch after rolling around in his new sand pile (while also covered in sunscreen and bug repellant to ensure he gets plenty of Sand stuck to him.) “mommy doesn’t want sand on the couch”…. Begins to knock it off in the floor….
    Husband somehow has the ability to spill tea and never remember to clean the puddle out of the floor… And cant understand why the sugar ants won’t leave our home.
    I am so glad you shared your story. I sat down on the couch tonight with dirty dishes in the sink. I felt guilty. But not for long. Tomorrow offers me the chance to make my house shine again.

  7. I made the official statement, that I’m not picking this house up one more time until school starts! 3 more days!!!!!:)

  8. My house has taken such a beating this summer as well! Some days I just look around and want to cry but then I realize there’s not much time to sulk as we have to head out the door for this, that or the other thing!

  9. Hehe, I can only imagine. If my one husband can do some damage to my cleanliness, I am sure three boys can really mess it up! My house is a wreck right now as well, since we have been so busy lately. Last night I had to hurry up and do laundry when I realized I am out of undies!

  10. I was laughing until I stopped and realised that with 2 boys and a strong possibility of eventually having 3…. In a few years, this will be me! Laughed at the puddle if wee…….haha

  11. Hilarious. Drip Dry Lady killed me … at that point I went back to the beginning and read it aloud to my husband. He thought it was funny too … totally missing my point! It takes me back to when stepson lived with me. Soooooo glad he doesn’t anymore. That said, you’ll never miss the microwave massacre or the suspiscious yellow puddles but when they’re all out of your beautifully epic and span nest, you’ll fight the urge to mess it up lol.

  12. I feel your pain and mine’s gotten in the same state as well. But I’d rather it be well-lived-in than a museum piece.

    • I agree 🙂 But sometimes, I just can’t take it until they all pitch in and help me clean up a bit. Then, the next morning, it’s usually wrecked again 😉

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