It’s time for a New Adventure

I will not be present to write today’s post because I am traveling “North”, briefly leaving my beloved mountain home.

By the time you read this I will already be there or on my way 🙂

My destination? It’s not new, but it will be different this time because I’ll be traveling alone.

I’ll pen my new adventure soon and share 🙂

Here’s a picture to keep you entertained until I can write again 😉

A hotel mirror can make your eyes look vampire!


  1. Oh you need to be careful, because people WILL see Erma in those eyes! How does someone make an adventure of a hotel mirror and make it so funny! Love it Sis (no disrespect intended) but have a SAFE trip! Will be praying for safe return! God bless!

    • Thank you Pastor. I made it back home tonight. It was just a day and half journey 3 states away 🙂 I have new tales to deliver soon 🙂

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