Life Goes On

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dollar for everytime someone said “Life Goes On” to you? I’d be financial set if I did! 🙂

After hearing & making that statement most of my life, I’ve determined that I am a Life Goes On professional. I’m not a paid professional, but rather an experienced professional.

I’ve been so broke that I couldn’t afford food for myself to eat & barely managed to keep the lights on to ensure everyone else ate.
I’ve taught at least 9 teenagers to drive on my last few gallons of gas, smiled as they got their drivers license, and walked to my destinations for the rest of the week.
Somehow, I managed to care for my hubby after his heart attack in 1999 & take care of both boys (one in diapers & the other just potty trained) at the same time.
After a terrible car accident my parents were involved in, (back in 2001) I managed to care for my family at the same time I took care of my parents’ mental and physical rehabilitation and affairs.
I never passed out once! 🙂
Then in 2007, I worked 45-60 hrs a week at work, came home and cleaned house, cooked, did 7-9 loads of laundry daily and provided financial support for one of my girls & one grandbaby for 6 months.
In 2009, when my husband passed away, I was numb. Not sure how exactly, but I managed to stay on top of things, provide support for my in-laws, children, and took care of the house. During this time, I took a month off work to straighten myself out emotionally and it backfired on me. I fell apart 🙁  …but, you know what? Life Goes On

I am venting & trying to decide what’s next in life today. Normally, I don’t allow myself to talk this way… so I write 🙂  Writing can be therapeutic. It’s a huge leap of faith to do it out in the open too. I write to remind myself that Life Goes On, so I can’t give up now, nor ever. I’m far too stubborn for that anyway!

Recently, I found myself unemployed and happy 🙂  I’ve had some much needed time with the boys and myself. After all these years, I finally have time for myself. It was so delightful! Now that it’s been almost a month off/not working, I feel so much more connected to the boys. I also feel more in touch with reality, where I am in life, and what purpose life has at this time.

Life Goes On…My neighbor planted ornamental corn at the corner of our property. That corn grew to heights over 30 feet tall & spread outward, covering her property and leaping over onto mine. This wouldn’t be an issue, except the corn over powered my mailbox!! I have to cut the corn back on my side at least once monthly or the mail person cannot locate my mailbox. Just like my neighbor’s ornamental corn, bad times or hard times can get the best of us if we allow them to. That negativity can breed & spread quickly and take over our minds if we are not careful. I’m thankful for God’s mercy, peace, and love! Now that 2 full years have passed since losing my husband, my best friend, & my previous life, I am beginning to understand that it’s okay to allow Life to Go On!


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  1. I really do believe we are challenged to make the best of whatever circumtances we are given; to learn from and experience, the good and the bad… and appreciate it all. No one ever said it would be fun, but we are here to walk in balance, reguardless of the ground and our footing. That too… is life.
    Huggs to ya! – Ginger

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