Woo hoo, It’s Friday!

Every Friday I hear someone say how excited they are that


Why do we get so excited over one day in the week? It’s not like Friday is the most aesthetically pleasing day, is the best dressed in designer labels, smells the most delicious, has won a Super Bowl or World Series, can go 10,000 miles without an oil change or gets 100 miles per gallon.

Friday is a silent Hero honored by millions of people all around the world. Friday won’t save you, solve problems, feed you, offer finacial freedom or security, love you, transform a life, or make you whole – yet it is worshipped.

There are songs that play on the radio that are dedicated exclusively to this 1 day of the week. It’s the most exciting day that is observed 52 times a year (or more). The most beloved of all days, it receives more gratitude & praise than Saturday & Sunday combined. The anticipation that Friday dangles in front of us is more exciting than the days it leads to.

Is it because the weekend is sacred? If so, why do we praise the day before? We do a happy dance, smile through the day, & speak lovingly of the long anticipated day that has FINALLY arrived.

We wish our lives away, day by day chanting, “Can’t wait till it’s Friday”, “Friday can’t get here quick enough”, “I wish it was Friday”, “I wish Friday would hurry up”.
We complain that there are too many days between today and Friday.

I, like many other billion people, have been guilty of this too.

It’s a mystery, this mystical day, highly favored above all others.

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  1. I think Friday is so revered because it signals the start of the weekend for many people. I used to feel that way too but now I work every weekend so now I’m all : ‘Can’t wait till Monday, Monday…’ because it’s my day off. 😀

    • I get excited about Friday occasionally. I work M-F, so the weekends are my de-stress days. I guess it just amazes me how famous Fridge truly is for so many 🙂

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