Adventures underwater

Okay, so we’re not really underwater, but it sure feels like it.

The house has had about all it can take after being hammered with so many back-to-back storms this year. From Feb to late July, the roof has been battered by winds, pelted by hail balls, and seen more rain than it can hold. The roof is ready to give. I called a contractor to come evaluate the damage & possibly help me with the insurance company (since they won’t even send an adjuster out).

The prognosis was not good 🙁

But, I have faith!!

After much prayer, screaming, crying, and basically unsuccessful bargaining with God, I’ve decided what happens…happens!

I can’t change circumstance and my shopvac will only suck up so much water before it eventually dies. The water coming under the house when these storms blow through, the water now leaking through the roof & dripping on the new carpet, & the hot water heater that just decided to be broken and leak from the bottom…are all gaining on us quicker than we can catch up.  🙁

The good news is that my calves are getting a workout every time I squat to use the shopvac and we are never bored 🙂 There’s always water to clean up somewhere

Thank you Lord for reminding me I’m NOT independent from you. You are the only way, truth, and life.  I give it all to you 🙂

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