Most important item on my Bucket List

Item #100 is to notice all things, both small and large, and not take the little things for granite.

On Feb 28th, 2011 our house flooded. The weather forecasters predicted we would have some strong thunderstorms in our area. The town that I live in had a massive flood. I tried to get the water out of the house,enlisting the help of my 2 boys. 

We failed. 3 hired companies later and almost $10,000 dollars spent, it left it in a situation.

It wiped out our savings but we still have a home. 
We may have lost a lot of our personal belongings but we still had our lives.
We were displaced for about a week, but even then god provided.

Last night, the town that I live in was hit again by a very strong storm. On my drive into work, it usually only takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to make the trip during the summer months. This morning however, I have been on the road for an hour and 40 minutes. Dodging fallen trees in the roads, witnessing the destruction of last nights mayhem.

All morning I’ve been thanking God for all of these near misses that I keep seeing on my drive into work….100 year old oak tree lightning struck straight down the middle, split wide open into 5 sections. I hope those home owners realize how lucky they are. This huge tree was planted just far enough away from their home, their home has not even been scratched. 

The small brown cottage with the tree laying across the downed power line connected to their home, right under their children’s bedroom window….do they know how lucky they were? Those are just a couple things I saw.

Do these people Thank God for their lives or will they wake up very angry about the destruction to their personal property?

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