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The Re-adjuster

I received a call last week from a man called a re-adjuster. He apologized that my home owner’s insurance had not followed up on my claim for storm damage that occurred back in April/May/June. He proceeded to explain that he was summoned to correct mistakes made by the insurance company.

I’ve thought a lot about what he said he does -being a Re-adjuster. It all seems so relevant as these thoughts race through my mind. Sometimes, we need a re-adjuster to intervene in our lives. When we get so deep into a situation or circumstance, we can’t objectively make the best decisions, queue the re-adjuster.
Maybe we try to stand back, view everything from another perspective & make some personal adjustments. But, we can’t always do everything independently in life.

It’s just so very hard to accept help sometimes. That’s my downfall. It’s not pride, I have very little of that.  I just want to help others, not be helped by them. I’m certainly not above help, I just don’t know how to act when it is offered to me.

Have you ever created something and asked someone for their opinion of it? It could be writing, composition, drawing, painting, molding, pottery, etc.  We do this with our life circumstances as well. When we create a bad situation for ourselves (such as depression, a bad decision, or something that blew up), at some point, we have to ask for an outside opinion after evaluating ourselves and attempting to adjust on our own.  Queue the re-adjuster!

God the Father, his son Jesus, & the Holy Spirit comforts us through Faith by Grace. And… they’ve been known to use other sources to reach us as well:
A song on the radio
A pet that keeps up with our footsteps
A passerby that engages us in a quick conversation that leaves a smile on our face
A child’s touch when we least expect it
That phone call comes through, just before we give up
Or the sky smiles down on us with a radiant beam, rainbow, or sunrise.

Sometimes it takes a re-adjuster to make us wake up, listen, and come back to this life.


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Waking up can leave an Impression on your day

It’s not easy to start the day now, especially when Waking up can leave an Impression on your day. After the craziness of knocking myself in the head, I’ve had days that I wake up & don’t know where I am, who I am, or what day it is. Luckily, most days lately haven’t been this way though. Everyday that passes I seem to remember more & more.

I must have been pretty bad in the beginning though because I made myself notes of new things I would learn about life:  my kids names, color of my car, my name, why I couldn’t remember & a recount of how I whacked my head, etc. It’s all written down & near the bed so I can refresh my memory each morning if I needed to. Talk about Waking up leaving an Impression on your day! Geez

This morning everything was fine & dandy with my memory, but my ears were ringing. I had fallen asleep last night with the alarm laying on the bed next to me. Somehow, in the middle of the night, I rolled over on it. At 5:47 AM, I woke up hearing a loud beeping in my ears. My face was on the alarm clock and the weight of my head was enough to make a clock impression on the left side of my face!!

Once I realized it was stuck to me, I started laughing pretty hard. I realized I couldn’t leave it that way, so I started to peel the clock off. This was much easier said than done. I fumbled with it to make that hiddious noise turn off.  My ears were ringing and my head was pounding. Ow! Waking up CAN leave an Impression on your day!
Shortly after refreshing my memory (new daily chore), I put my feet on the floor & got moving. 

So, that my friends, is how you wake up and make an unmistakable impression on the day (or on your face)!

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