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The Scent of the Ocean

Each morning I awake and visit my old friend the coffee pot. After creating the juice of joy, I venture outside to smell the day. Immediately my senses are activated as I take that first deep breath of the outdoors. For the last 5 months, that deep breath has been a salty sort.


The air breathed at the Oceanside is sweet when you come to love it. It grows on you. It is mixed with salt, natural musk, sand, and a hint of marine life. The breeze is constant from the sea. There’s peace, tranquility, and grace.


To visit a beach is an experience, but to live here is different. There’s a unique oneness that develops as you give your senses over to something larger than yourself. Being no stranger to beach side vacations, I used to think I understood the Sea. Only recently have I truly tuned in though.

Almost everyone I’ve ever known who’s been to the ocean declares, “I want to live here!” Some people even begin to look at real-estate as they dream of one day moving. They have in their minds that living here would be full of relaxation and everyday spent on the beach. Smiling, watching kids play & bury each other in sand, and applying sunscreen again while chilling with a Sangria.


Reality of living here though is much different. We seek out the places few tourist go and avoid the downtown tourist traps like the plaque. It’s not possible to go to the beach everyday. Some days the beaches are closed due to the massive rip currents that tear away at the beach line, other days it is too cold. (Yes, even Florida is somewhat affected by the weather.) On extremely windy days, which come often, it’s painful to walk on the beach as there’s sand in that wind. If you ever get beach side sand blasted, it goes a few degrees beyond exfoliation. But, even with these things being considered, I love it here.

The sun is different here (compared to the Smoky Mountains where I’m from). It hugs your skin from every angle even when you’re fully clothed. It penetrates your bones and brings back life. Sunscreen is a definite must as this sun is unforgiving on the skin. The elevation is very low, so there’s very little pressure bearing down against your joints. The low pressure also helps hearing as it is gentle on the ears. The air is always salty and every breath is healing and savory sea flavored. The sweet smell of the sea life is present in every breathe. Vision changes here as well. It’s bright most days, but the eyes adjust acutely and vision improves.

Homeownership is a bit more expensive here with the local, county, and state fees/taxes. Home maintenance is a regular necessity. The salty air eats away at all things man-made. So setting aside a maintenance fund (at least 1\2 your home’s value) will be an absolute requirement unless you are filthy rich. In that case, enjoy yourself freely!

I don’t know if they really can, but it seems as though the island birds begin to know and recognise you. We have a dove that feels very at home with us and receive frequent visits from various cranes looking to eat our endless millions of earthworms. They come regularly, with no fear, perching atop cars and freely walk our neighborhood streets.

Time slows to a crawl. Each palm waves in the wind in slow motion and the locals move in the same rhythm. Annuals become perennials, fruit is harvested in the winter, and palmetto bushes bring medicinally juicy berries.


The sounds of the ocean are loud & ever present. The waves crash in and out creating their own unique song. It is the sole sound of the night. There are no crickets. The toads & frogs are silent. For they cannot compete with the mighty ocean. There are no morning song birds with their gentle morning wake up call. They live on the main land or bayside possibly, but definitely not seaside. The ocean is jealous of all other sounds and pushes them away with its mighty strength & winds.

Life on the Oceanside is beautiful, peaceful, and calming when you understand the Sea – its power, jealousy, and fickleness. It’s unpredictably majestic and magical…and it smell grows on you over time.


Hilton Head, SC Sunrise

Here is the beautiful sunrise on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


With Love,


More Arrowhead Finds

These were all found in East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, or Indiana. (Indiana finds are all Nick’s.)

I love this new hobby 🙂 I have tried other forms of “getaways” and stress relievers over the years like Hiking (which I still love), DIY projects, reading, girls’ night out, etc. But, for a mom that is always in demand, this has been one of the most relaxing hobbies I’ve ever tried my hand at. The best part? Most of these fields are so remote, I have no cell phone reception 🙂  It’s like a magical gift from the daily grind of a never-ending string of phone calls, messages, and social media beeps going off.

This will be my last post about arrow-head hunting until late fall this year. Sadly, farmers are planting their crops now or will be very soon. Arrowhead field hunting is coming to a close for the season 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will stop with the pictures for now 😉

A stroll in early Fall

What do you see?


I see rebirth, a never ending promise of renewal.


God provides for all.

Thank you Lord for the path you put me on!

Bucket list – high elevations




Item #5 on our bucket list was go to The Pinnacle.

In late March (on Easter Day 2011) after a visit go see the kids’ Granny, Pap, Uncle Jesse & Aunt Lisa in Sharps Chapel – the boys & I decided to strike out on a 56 mile one way trip to see The Pinnacle overlook.

We enjoyed the ride as we passed through Union County (blah) to get to their Granny’s house, then Claborne county (very familiar ground for us), lovely & beautiful Harrogate, and then into Bell County, KY to the city of Middlesboro. 

Before we went to The Pinnacle  we drove around historic downtown Middlesboro, Ky. We stopped by the outdoor – open  to the public – Coal Museum, and took in a history lesson.
Did you know Middlesboro, KY was the location of a metorite crash?  Yep. The city of Middlesboro was built inside a huge chunck hole. 

I thought to myself, that sure explained a lot! Could this explain why coal in Middlesboro was & is so richly and readily available

Anyway, we also saw Middlesboro’s one & only war memorial dedicated to ALL soldiers everywhere from ALL wars.

Then we headed back south, toward the visitor center to see The Pinnacle. Driving up the mountain was a slow, curve after curve experience. By the time we made it to the top (elevation 2440′), we had reached our destination.

We walked up to the overlook area where 3 states could be seen in one fisheye view by all who dare drive up that mountain. Virginia to the left (rather flat looking), Tennessee straight ahead (mountainous Harrogate & parts of Claborne Co), and good ole Kentucky to the right (sitting in a deep bowl).
If we looked straight down, we could see the township of Cumberland Gap, the old mill, and the tiny specs of businesses & homes. Also, this was a good view of the mile long tunnel cut through the mountain from TN to KY. It was & is a majestic view! The mountains, the life below, and the serenity of clean air was amazing. I could breath. It was so nice. The sun began to set, so I snapped some photos before we headed back to the car.

The boys began reflecting & spoke of a few things. Nicky thought he met his douple-ganger. There was a man there with his family wearing the EXACT same outfit as him. Exactly the same from head to ankles, but different shoes. This guy had the same hair color, walking gate, and was the size as Nicky. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nicky so enthralled, excited, and memorized. 🙂 That was great!!

Cole mentioned how many signs  Virginia & Kentucky had posted within inches of each other, claiming their property at the Pinnacle. I reminded him we saw that very same thing when we visited the Cumberland Gap township also. It is rather comical.

what’s funny is that these signs have conversation without saying a word.

This tree property of VA.
This tree (7″ away) property of KY.
My sidewalk. NO, my sidewalk! Fine, my rock! No, MY rock.

Any way, it’s certainly a good drive to get there, but well worth the trip. I saw 9 different state license plates on the vehicles parked near our car, so it’s GOT to be a tourist attraction listed somewhere, LOL.

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