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Adventures live on!

I haven’t written much about my daily adventures, so here’s one to quench that urge.

Seeing everyday as an adventure is much more satisfying than just counting the hours & minutes until the day is done.

Let me share with ya what I learned yesterday.  I obtained the vast knowledge I will share below and ended the day worn out, heart thumping loudly in my ears, with stomach cramps.

Lesson 1: Did you know humans can’t safely walk straight up a 12/12 pitch roof with nothing to hold on to? Even with shingle gripping, save your butt shoes, no one is spider man.
Solution: when such a need arises, very tall ladders are always better than dangling in mid air with only an air conditioner unit below to break ones fall.

Lesson 2: Money does not buy happiness. Some of the saddest & lonely people I’ve let lately have a secure financial outlook. Some of the happiest people I’ve met have an uncertain financial future and very little money in their bank accounts.
Solution: Realize that not only does money not grow on trees, but happiness isn’t wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Happiness is where your heart is! image

Lesson 3: The hardest person to tell you love them, is the person you love the most. This is the person staring at you from a 12/12 pitch roof!
Solution: If the person you love doesn’t stop talking long enough for you to speak, randomly interrupt conversations with “…hey!! I love you…okay, I’m done. Please, go on.”

Lesson 4: Standing on the bottom step of a ladder is helpful for the person on the top step.
Solution: I don’t think this lesson has a solution, but it’s cool! image

Lesson 5: Decorative bushes can be brutal.
Solution: Avoid them!

Lesson 6: A waterproof cast can make a 7yr old girl more happy than a permanent marker.
Solution: Pay the upgrade fee & buy the waterproof cast…then sign cast with the permanent marker. image

Lesson 7: Live without regrets.
Solution: Pee when needed, don’t hold it.

Lesson 8: Sharks don’t live in TN lakes.
Solution: Loss fear of lake water.

Lesson 9: Snakes like to sun bathe.
Solution: Don’t hike during summer months!!

I should probably elaborate on how these lessons we learned, but I’ll let you, inquisitive reader, decide for yourself 🙂

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Why make a bucket list?

Why make a bucket list when you haven’t been told you are dying?
Why wait until someone gives you an expiration date before you live?

For me, the answers were easy. Each of us, no matter how healthy you are (or think you are), is given a promise of tomorrow, next week, or even the next 15 minutes.

People die everyday in accidents, lose theirs lives to a serious illness, or are torn from the life they once comfortably knew and are thrown into a dire circumstance.  The lucky or blessed people have a support group of family, friends, church members, community, or such. The unlucky ones will suffer alone, with no support, or company.

In all these situations, there’s always reflecting. The mind of the suffering one or suffering families left behind are full of the “would’ve”…”could’ve”…”should’ve”.  These are all regrets. Regrets do not make people happy. They do not fulfill a need deep in the heart or soul &; do not heal.

The only way I’ve figured not to end this way, is to LIVE, LOVE, FORGIVE, & ENJOY as you move through this borrowed time on earth. This doesn’t mean live in total self, but rather to live without the infamous regrets of life. Live to make others happy. Buy that toaster oven that is on sale so you don’t hear yourself say, “I should’ve…could’ve bought that on sale.”

I will not personally and will not allow my children to live life with regrets now. There should never be a time when we look back on life and say, “oh, I wish I had xxxx. I should’ve xxxx.” 

So, we made our list and add to it as new ideas occur to us. The list may seem simple, but it’s full of gratification!

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