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Things that fell out of the Sky in Kentucky

For many years I’ve heard stories of objects falling from the sky in Kentucky, meteors landing and other unexplained phenomenon. After the event that my husband lived through the other day, I thought I’d see what I could find online about Kentucky and crazy stuff just …falling out of the sky.

Here, I found an article about a UFO that police couldn’t explain in Kentucky.  And, here is another UFO sighting report, Fire ball sightings, meteors taking out power,  chickens falling from the sky on I64, Grackles, red wing blackbirds, robins and starlings falling from the sky dead, airplane falling from the sky, and a four-thousand pound aluminum storage building that fell from the sky on Pine Grove church in Kentucky on a clear and lovely day! I found reports of tree limbs falling and killing people. Needless to say, I was a little freaked out and wishing I lived even further away from this strange state!

Are you noticing anything strange? Why do things just fall out of the sky in the Bluegrass State? And while I’m asking questions, why is their grass blue? Radioactive material from the UFOs? I digress.

While researching falling objects from the sky in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I found this article along with some other cool stories in other areas of the world.

One of the strangest stories of this sort took place on March 3, 1876 when flakes of meat fell over an area 100 yards long and 50 yards wide near the Bath, Kentucky home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Crouch. The sky was clear at the time of the fall and the flakes of meat were described as being one to three or four inches square and appeared to be fresh beef. However, according to two gentlemen who (for some reason) decided to taste the meat, it was neither mutton nor venison.

Or perhaps it wasn’t meat at all – wrote Mr. Leopold Brandeis, whose article appeared on the strange fall in a July issue of the Sanitarian. He explained that the so-called “meat” was really nothing more than “nostic” – “a low form of vegetable substance”. He did not however, explain how this substance managed to fall from the sky. His opinion on the matter did not last for long for he was soon contacted by Dr. A. Mead Edwards, president of the Newark Scientific Association, who asked for a sample of the material that had been collected from Bath County. Brandeis was kind enough to give him the entire specimen, along with the information that he had obtained it from a doctor in Brooklyn, who had in turn been given it by a Professor Chandler.

Shortly after this, a letter from Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton was posted to the Medical Record, saying that he and Dr. J.W.S. Arnold had examined the material from the Kentucky meat shower under a microscope. The material, which had been given to them by Professor Chandler, was identified as being lung tissue from a human infant or a horse. According to the letter, “the structure of the organ in these two cases” was apparently “very similar”.

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As if this was not strange enough, I also found a site dedicated to people who see strange objects falling from the sky in Kentucky. You can check it out here. In fact, objects falling from the sky in that area are so popular, Space.com wrote an article about a satellite falling from space and landing there!

So, in my crazy mind, I am thinking the earth’s gravitational pull must come into play. So, I searched that. Here is a map:

The red areas indicate the strongest gravitational pull and the blue ares are the weakest. If you click on the picture and look closely, the earth’s gravitational pull is much weaker in North America, and even more weaker in the area of Kentucky…maybe.  I don’t know. My husband is still traveling, so I’m not sleeping and am seriously sleep deprived again! Isn’t it odd how our mind goes from 1 thing to the next?

Then I found an article that says the earth’s gravitational pull is affecting the melting of the western ice cap and that North America would be the most affected. I saw this predication map of America in the event the ice cap did melt in its entirety:

After looking at this, my mind races and I attempt to find Tennessee. Oh, I found it finally. I would live on a coast instead of in a valley between 2 lovely mountain ranges if this happened.

Anyway, I guess I’m putting together a theory here. I don’t know. Maybe I should drink some night-time tea or take something to help me sleep.

I think I’m diving off the deep end of insomnia and I don’t want to drown alone 🙂 All this craziness from me thinking about random objects falling from the Kentucky sky… hmm …yeah, I’ll go drink that tea now!

Night all 🙂

Castle in Kentucky!

Nick has been travelling a lot this year with work. Today, I had the opportunity to make a day trip with him to Lawrenceburg, KY. The little over 3 hour drive there was beautiful. Leaves are changing colors and the drive holds many other spectacular sights along the way.  After his business was completed, we doubled back to Frankfort & then looped through one edge of Lexington. In a small town named Versailles, I saw one of the most groovy sights of all.

Kentucky has a castle!!


???? Puzzled, I looked up the history online. Here’s what I found:
“Construction on the castle was started by Rex Martin and his wife Caroline Bogaert Martin in 1969, after they had returned from a trip to Europe and were inspired by the architecture and many famous buildings they had seen. The finished project was to have seven bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, a fountain in the driveway, and a tennis court. In 1975, the Martins divorced and left the castle unfinished. Over the years, it became a popular oddity and roadside photo-op for tourists.”

” On May 10, 2004, after months of renovations, tragedy struck when newly installed woodwork and wiring caught fire in the main building. Tom Post, the castle’s new owner, who was at his home in Miami at the time, had already spent months renovating it but vowed to rebuild. Approximately twice the castle’s original cost went towards the reconstruction project”
“Reconstruction was completed in fall 2008. New additions includes twelve luxury suites, a library, game room, music room, dining hall, ball room, swimming pool, formal garden and tennis court. It is used as a tourist inn, fund raisers, weddings, special events, and corporate functions. It has sixteen bedrooms, four of which are in the outside turrets”
For more info click here

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Bucket list – high elevations




Item #5 on our bucket list was go to The Pinnacle.

In late March (on Easter Day 2011) after a visit go see the kids’ Granny, Pap, Uncle Jesse & Aunt Lisa in Sharps Chapel – the boys & I decided to strike out on a 56 mile one way trip to see The Pinnacle overlook.

We enjoyed the ride as we passed through Union County (blah) to get to their Granny’s house, then Claborne county (very familiar ground for us), lovely & beautiful Harrogate, and then into Bell County, KY to the city of Middlesboro. 

Before we went to The Pinnacle  we drove around historic downtown Middlesboro, Ky. We stopped by the outdoor – open  to the public – Coal Museum, and took in a history lesson.
Did you know Middlesboro, KY was the location of a metorite crash?  Yep. The city of Middlesboro was built inside a huge chunck hole. 

I thought to myself, that sure explained a lot! Could this explain why coal in Middlesboro was & is so richly and readily available

Anyway, we also saw Middlesboro’s one & only war memorial dedicated to ALL soldiers everywhere from ALL wars.

Then we headed back south, toward the visitor center to see The Pinnacle. Driving up the mountain was a slow, curve after curve experience. By the time we made it to the top (elevation 2440′), we had reached our destination.

We walked up to the overlook area where 3 states could be seen in one fisheye view by all who dare drive up that mountain. Virginia to the left (rather flat looking), Tennessee straight ahead (mountainous Harrogate & parts of Claborne Co), and good ole Kentucky to the right (sitting in a deep bowl).
If we looked straight down, we could see the township of Cumberland Gap, the old mill, and the tiny specs of businesses & homes. Also, this was a good view of the mile long tunnel cut through the mountain from TN to KY. It was & is a majestic view! The mountains, the life below, and the serenity of clean air was amazing. I could breath. It was so nice. The sun began to set, so I snapped some photos before we headed back to the car.

The boys began reflecting & spoke of a few things. Nicky thought he met his douple-ganger. There was a man there with his family wearing the EXACT same outfit as him. Exactly the same from head to ankles, but different shoes. This guy had the same hair color, walking gate, and was the size as Nicky. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nicky so enthralled, excited, and memorized. 🙂 That was great!!

Cole mentioned how many signs  Virginia & Kentucky had posted within inches of each other, claiming their property at the Pinnacle. I reminded him we saw that very same thing when we visited the Cumberland Gap township also. It is rather comical.

what’s funny is that these signs have conversation without saying a word.

This tree property of VA.
This tree (7″ away) property of KY.
My sidewalk. NO, my sidewalk! Fine, my rock! No, MY rock.

Any way, it’s certainly a good drive to get there, but well worth the trip. I saw 9 different state license plates on the vehicles parked near our car, so it’s GOT to be a tourist attraction listed somewhere, LOL.

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