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Let’s Pin each other – Update for 9/30/2015

Hello all you wonderful pinning peeps! I have sadly been absent from Pinterest for too long. I logged in today and realized there are over 2000+ request to be added to the 2 Let’s Pin Each Other boards.  So here is what I will ask for TODAY ONLY (9/24/2015):

If you have previously asked to be added to either board and have not been added yet, send another request today. I will add you when I get the notification.

My problem adding people has been that Pinterest only shows me 2 names and then says “and 79 others” have asked to be added…so let’s try this again folks (because the 79 others are being left out!

Update for 9/30/2015: I am still only receiving notifications lumped together on Pinterest so help me out. Let’s do this:

Follow me and the board(s) Let’s Pin Each Other and/or Let’s Pin Each Other 2 and also leave me a comment below with your user name and I will do my best to add everyone as swiftly as possible!

I’m in an adding mood, so let’s do this.    And….go!













Love y’all,


Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently, after commenting on a fellow blogger’s site, I was challenged to write about something that may help a few folks out. If you are already technically savvy, this post may not mean a hill of beans to you though. One way to gain efficiency in your daily work routine is to use shortcuts. Not the type that get you in trouble, but the type that increase your productivity.  In my case, I picked these tips up from the place I use to work at in order to keep my job. You see, they had shotty equipment and my mouse was forever dying on me. I had to learn these keyboard shortcuts so that I could continue to work – without a mouse! “My mouse is broken” was never a good excuse, and saying “I called the helpdesk” would get several sets of eyes rolled at me. So, I adapted and kept on working.

Today, let’s talk about keyboard shortcuts 🙂 This list is only good for PC users unfortunately (as these commands do not translate well in the iWorld of products).If you are looking to begin using some of these, please bear in mind that it would be good to add one new short cut to your typing routine per week. This way you allow yourself time to get over the awkward stage of looking at your keys and fingers as you attempt to press these buttons. Go slow. Don’t become overwhelmed. Just take it easy and slow and when you see something work for you, incorporate it into your typing. If something doesn’t work for you after a week, then it’s probably not going to do you any good.

Here goes…

Fall in love with your F-keys 🙂 Here’s what they can do for you…




Help!!!  In any applications you are using, the F1 key is the universal placement for HELP. Can’t remember how to zoom? Press F1, Can’t remember how to calculate your spreadsheets? Press F1. Can’t figure out how to crop? Press F1.  F1 is a lifesaver, but you must remember to use it 😉

My bestestest friend ever!

My bestestest friend ever!


Refresh. This little dandy will refresh your page, your document, your spreadsheet, your pictures, your website….just relax and refresh 🙂

Now we will move on to pressing two buttons at once. In some cases, the “Shortcuts” may be disabled on your PC or program. This is usually the choice of the user. Default settings or turning the shortcuts on will enable you to use these:

Left side of your keyboard

Left side of your keyboard

Ctrl + P – This wonderful combination will cause your printer to spit out paper filled with ink, lined up that it exactly matches the screen you were just staring at! It’s the fastest way to print anything! To do this, press the Ctrl button, then the letter P. You could think of P for Print.

Ctrl + C – This is your copy command. Simply highlight the area you wish to copy and press the Ctrl button, then the letter C. You could think of C for Copy

Ctrl + V – This is your paste command. Simply click your mouse where you want to paste the last item you copied, and press Ctrl and the letter V. I have no word reconciliation for this one. It’s never made sense to me anyway! All I can tell you is P is for Print so V is for Paste.

Ctrl + A – This simple command can save you a ton of time! If you need to highlight all the material you’ve been reading, press Ctrl, then the letter A. This command HIghlights everything for you. After you have everything highlighted, you could copy it (Ctrl + C) or cut it (press Delete or backspace) or do whatever you were going to do. Go ahead….try it now. Press Ctrl + A and look at what it does to this page you are reading…  Think of it as A for ALL.

Ctrl + N – N is for New. You can press this combination to bring up a new whatever…new word document, new internet browser, new sticky note, new email, new spreadsheet, new notepad, etc.

Ctrl + B – This little dandy is super helpful. While you are typing, press Ctrl+B and magically, your typing is bold. Think of B as Bold. To remove the Bold effect, press the button combination again.

Ctrl + I – This again, is super helpful to speed of your typing. When pressing Ctrl+I, Your typing is placed in italics. Think of I (eye) as Italics. To remove the Italics, press the button combination again.

Ctrl + U – U is for Underline. While you are typing, simply press the Ctrl button & then press the letter U. After this what you type is underlined. To remove the underline, press the buttons again.

Ctrl + S – The Super Smart Saving power of Ctrl+S is very helpful! This will save your progress in anything you are working in. Every good writer knows that you never type for more than 5 minutes without saving your progress. Anything could happen if you are saving as you go. The cat could jump up on the keyboard and close your session. The kids may call to you and pull you away from your desk. A boss may need you for a brief meeting and then when you return, your PC could be off!  Anyway, always save as you go when writing or doing numbers in excel. For this, think of S as SAVE!

Ctrl + F – Find!  F is for Find! Save time and energy by using this shortcut often. If you are searching for a word or phrase to locate information quickly, press the ctrl button + the F key. This works on almost every document and every website (Depending on your browser).

Dusty Keys

So, I need to dust my keyboard. What can I say? I’m too busy typing on it!

Alt + Tab
This combination may seem awkward at first, but when you get use to using your left hand for commands, it makes switching between programs, documents,  music players, pictures…any open window – a breeze! Have you ever opened several windows at once and then found your self clicking on all the little boxes in your toolbar to find the one you are looking for? Well, Alt+Tab will slide between these will little effort! It’s a serious time saver.

Friendly Arrow Keys

Directionally, they’ll take you were you want to go 🙂

Arrow keys –
These keys had their hay day back when DOS based games were big. Oh the days 🙂  But now, they are still useful when typing. You can use these nifty little directional buttons to navigate through your writing quickly for editing purposes or any other reason.

There are too many short cuts to list on just one post and I feel as though I may have overwhelmed you (if you are new to this concept) already. I will stop for now, but please do let me know if you’d like to know more.

Have a blessed day folks! 🙂

Cancer Fundraiser for the Parker/Rogers Family

Scroll down the page to find the new contest for March 12th -March 20th!

This family’s young son was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I set up a fundraiser through Avon to help the family with their travel and medical expenses. I wish I could do so much more! The kids began tweeting about his illness using hashtag #PrayForTyler or #prayfortyler for a couple of months now. I know this family personally and they have been such a blessing to so many people in the community. They have reached out and supported others and now would be a great time for us to support them.

If you regularly order Avon, would you consider placing your order using this link for at least one order through the end of March?  I promise not to steal you away from your regular representative! Please use code TYLER21 during the checkout process so that the family receives all the profits. I am donating 100% of the profit to them. To see their fundraising progress, click on the “online event” tab.

Thanks in advance for having a big heart! ❤  :-)


Every order placed online between today (March 6th, 2013) and Sunday (March 10th) will be entered into a drawing to receive a Pave Circle Necklace and earring Gift Set!!!

Here’s how you can receive more entries after you place an order online using code TYLER21 at checkout ——

  • Place your order today and receive one entry when you use Code TYLER21 during the check out process!
  • Share this fundraiser to receive another entry after ordering!
  • Leave a comment below in the comment section telling me where you shared this cancer fundraiser and receive another entry!!
  • I will draw the winner’s name on March 11th and post the winner on all media sites (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

What are you waiting for? I have never asked anyone here to donate to anything. This is the first and I can guarantee this family will thank you! If your young son was fighting for his life, you’d hope that someone out there would pay it forward too 🙂 God has blessed so many of us. If you’ve been looking for a way to Pay it Forward and aren’t sure how to start, this is a great way to start.

If you can’t give, it’s understood and you will never be condemned for it by me in any way.  I love y’all to pieces 🙂

Blessing ❤

We have a winner!!!!!!!     Joeley Searle you are the WINNER of the Pave circle earrings and necklace! Please contact me so we can arrange delivery of your gift 🙂 If you didn’t win, please stay tuned: The next contest will be announced later today with another product.

New Contest for order placed from March 12th-March 20th 2013!

Every order placed online between today (March 12th, 2013) and Wednesday (March 20th) will be entered into a drawing to receive a giant bottle of SkinSoSoft Ultra Moisturizing body lotion 25.3 fl. oz.  I have 2 to give away during this period 🙂

Here’s how you can receive more entries after you place an order online using code TYLER21 at checkout ——

  • Place your order today and receive one entry when you use Code TYLER21 during the check out process!
  • Share this fundraiser to receive another entry after ordering!
  • Leave a comment below in the comment section telling me where you shared this cancer fundraiser and receive another entry!!
  • I will draw the winner’s name on March 21th and post the winner on all media sites (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Ready, set, order!

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