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The Scent of the Ocean

Each morning I awake and visit my old friend the coffee pot. After creating the juice of joy, I venture outside to smell the day. Immediately my senses are activated as I take that first deep breath of the outdoors. For the last 5 months, that deep breath has been a salty sort.


The air breathed at the Oceanside is sweet when you come to love it. It grows on you. It is mixed with salt, natural musk, sand, and a hint of marine life. The breeze is constant from the sea. There’s peace, tranquility, and grace.


To visit a beach is an experience, but to live here is different. There’s a unique oneness that develops as you give your senses over to something larger than yourself. Being no stranger to beach side vacations, I used to think I understood the Sea. Only recently have I truly tuned in though.

Almost everyone I’ve ever known who’s been to the ocean declares, “I want to live here!” Some people even begin to look at real-estate as they dream of one day moving. They have in their minds that living here would be full of relaxation and everyday spent on the beach. Smiling, watching kids play & bury each other in sand, and applying sunscreen again while chilling with a Sangria.


Reality of living here though is much different. We seek out the places few tourist go and avoid the downtown tourist traps like the plaque. It’s not possible to go to the beach everyday. Some days the beaches are closed due to the massive rip currents that tear away at the beach line, other days it is too cold. (Yes, even Florida is somewhat affected by the weather.) On extremely windy days, which come often, it’s painful to walk on the beach as there’s sand in that wind. If you ever get beach side sand blasted, it goes a few degrees beyond exfoliation. But, even with these things being considered, I love it here.

The sun is different here (compared to the Smoky Mountains where I’m from). It hugs your skin from every angle even when you’re fully clothed. It penetrates your bones and brings back life. Sunscreen is a definite must as this sun is unforgiving on the skin. The elevation is very low, so there’s very little pressure bearing down against your joints. The low pressure also helps hearing as it is gentle on the ears. The air is always salty and every breath is healing and savory sea flavored. The sweet smell of the sea life is present in every breathe. Vision changes here as well. It’s bright most days, but the eyes adjust acutely and vision improves.

Homeownership is a bit more expensive here with the local, county, and state fees/taxes. Home maintenance is a regular necessity. The salty air eats away at all things man-made. So setting aside a maintenance fund (at least 1\2 your home’s value) will be an absolute requirement unless you are filthy rich. In that case, enjoy yourself freely!

I don’t know if they really can, but it seems as though the island birds begin to know and recognise you. We have a dove that feels very at home with us and receive frequent visits from various cranes looking to eat our endless millions of earthworms. They come regularly, with no fear, perching atop cars and freely walk our neighborhood streets.

Time slows to a crawl. Each palm waves in the wind in slow motion and the locals move in the same rhythm. Annuals become perennials, fruit is harvested in the winter, and palmetto bushes bring medicinally juicy berries.


The sounds of the ocean are loud & ever present. The waves crash in and out creating their own unique song. It is the sole sound of the night. There are no crickets. The toads & frogs are silent. For they cannot compete with the mighty ocean. There are no morning song birds with their gentle morning wake up call. They live on the main land or bayside possibly, but definitely not seaside. The ocean is jealous of all other sounds and pushes them away with its mighty strength & winds.

Life on the Oceanside is beautiful, peaceful, and calming when you understand the Sea – its power, jealousy, and fickleness. It’s unpredictably majestic and magical…and it smell grows on you over time.


The Adventure of Identity

Last night I stopped at a local drug store to purchase some cold and flu medicine. I had picked up a cold or flu back a few days ago and couldn’t seem to shake it on my own. I really hate being sick and a head cold or the flu is the worst! I walk around like a zombie, head weighing 70 pounds or more, and dragging my feet everywhere I go.  Plus, I’m just not “with it” when my head is full of unmentionable grossities. I forget where I put things more often than usual & find myself searching for common items for hours. (Like the can opener which somehow ends up inside the refrigerator & the dish rag which somehow ends up in the bathroom.)
For this round of cold/flu, I misplaced something very valuable: my drivers license! So, back to my original story.
Last night I went to a local drug store to buy some cold/flu medicine. I was specifically looking for theraflu, but the drugstore was sold out of that brand. Lucky for me, they had 2 boxes left of their store brand version though. My youngest son and I looked around the store for some ginger tea & came up empty handed, so we proceeded to the checkout counter. The lovely lady behind the register said, “I need to see some ID.” Puzzled I replied, “Huh? For theraflu??” She turned her computer screen around so that it was facing me and pointed to it as she read: is your customer 40? Then she said, “It’s asking me if you are 40 yrs old and I don’t think you are. I need to see your ID.” Frustrated, I left the store to go look in my car for my drivers license. My son and I looked high and low for my license: in my purse, in the various compartments inside the car, in the floor boards, under the seats, everywhere – but came up empty handed! Almost in tears from the pressure in my head & the frustration of the crazy notion that one must look 40 to buy theraflu, I drove back home. My son was very sweet and concerned for me and my health. Once we arrived back home, he helped me search the house. Unfortunately, by the end of the day we came up empty handed.

This morning, I wake up with a mission. Get the kids to school then get a duplicate made of my license at the DMV. I discover a DMV location very close to the house, so I went there first. A sign on the door read Closed. Another motorist in the parking lot tells me that the location is used for DUI reinstatement only. Since I’ve never had a DUI, I left to find another location.
At the second location, which was only about 5 miles away, the parking lot was void and there was a sign on the door that read: This location closed today October 12th for training. So, I leave.
I remembered that I may need a copy of my birth certificate to prove identity for the DMV to issue me a duplicate license. I went to the main health department. There, on the door to the certificates office, was a sign that read: Closed for lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. It was 11:32!!
I just need some cold medicine!
I called my brother to see if he could help me. Wrong number. I found another number for him and called it. Disconnected. I remembered speaking to my cousin about 3 weeks – a month ago & she mentioned she had spoke to him. She did not have a good number for him either, but like an angel she offered to help me! 🙂
We went to a local Mart and browsed through the cold medicine aisle. (By the way, she looks way younger than I do and always has.) We discovered that none of our local stores carry theraflu anymore, so we ended up buying Alka Seltzer cold and flu. When we got to the register, she didn’t even get carded!! :-/
She and I were able to spend a little time together and then I took her and her daughters home.
By this time, it’s 3:00. I figured I have 1 more shot at making it to the DMV today. I drove East to another location. The parking lot was void of cars and there was a huge sign on the door that read: This and all other satellite offices closed today, October 12th for training. 😦


The search at home for my drivers license continues!!

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