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A sticky situation

The last few posts have been about DIY projects and this is not a DIY website, I promise! If you can bare with me through one more post, I will get back on track soon! I guess this one could be seen as an adventure…nah!

My insomnia was still an ever-growing issue and my late-night compulsive googling was filling my mind with all these crafty little ideas. I knew I was not a crafty person and it had actually resulted in many personal injuries but for some reason I thought one day I would get at least one project right! Besides, I assumed there must be at least one project out  there on Pinterest that was accurately detailed enough that I could follow foolproof instructions. Late one night, when the world was asleep, I found an amazing product online: Mod Podge

Mod Podge

Mod Podge

I found women everywhere (and a few guys) that proclaimed the wonder and amazement of this fabulous product. It was hailed as the greatest crafting invention ever and had accumulated several million loyal customers, followers, and advocates. It was so infamous that there were knock off products on the market to mimic it and people freely share “recipes” for cooking up your own batch at home to save money. With so many rave reviews and obsessed consumers, I decided I had to find out what this incredible product was and give it a whirl.

In my searches, I found that this life-changing product comes in multiple formulas!

Mod Podge

Mod Podge

How exciting…I thought. I ran out the next day to a local craft store and purchased the biggest bottle they had. Oh glory! I had the coveted product of all products that millions of people raved about. Once I brought it home, I realized I didn’t know what to do with it 😦 The googling resumed. After locating some projects online, I decided on a photo transfer project.

I followed the directions I found online and the project wasn’t too bad…I thought.

Us - Mod Podged onto a piece of wood

Us – Mod Podged a piece of wood

You see, it was simple. I printed off a color photo to use with our printer. I selected a piece of wood – Cut the photo to fit – Slathered a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the wood – Layed the photo face down on the wood – Trimmed off the edges – smoothed out air bubble pockets and allowed it to dry.    See? Simple! The entire process took maybe 20 minutes (as a beginner) and was not difficult at all.

This Mod Podge product has a glue consistency and reminded me of elementary school. It said on the label that even though it goes on white, it dries clear AND it cleans up easily with basic soap and water. The dry time is about 24 hours though, so some patience would be required.

I was excited! I was going to accomplish a craft with no personal injuries and it was going to turn out nicely!! Yay me…for an hour…

After cleaning up my work area and washing my hands, I came back to the office, took off my shoes and began working on some paperwork. I happily made my way through a lot of internet work and then moved to filing within 25 minutes or so. When I stood up, a customer invoice was stuck to my elbow. Not thinking much of it, I pulled it off and moved to the filing cabinet and put away some files. As I moved away from the filing cabinet, my foot stuck on the wood floor. I stumbled, almost tripped, and regained my composure. I can be so clumsy sometimes. So, I put my shoes back on.

In the restroom, the toilet paper stuck to my hand. At this point, I realized something wasn’t right. On the way back to the office area, I picked up a dryer sheet from the laundry room…on the bottom of my shoe. As I leaned down to peel it off, I lost my balance and leaned back against the wall for support. My shirt peeled off the wall as I attempted to reach down and remove the dryer sheet. My mistake was lazily leaning back up against the wall when I had the dryer sheet in my hand. That’s when my hair stuck to the wall…

I was loosing patience with myself and my surroundings. I didn’t feel sticky, so why was everything sticking to me?  MOD PODGE!

Oh NO, that wonderfully fabulous, incredible invention that went on white and dried clear was all over me!! It’s glue. How do you not know that you have glue on you? Well, I’ll tell you… this thoughtfully incredulous material goes on smooth, thin, and sleek. It is only during the seemingly forever drying process that the tackiness appears. I went to the place where I had placed my photo transfer project to dry (on the dryer in the laundry room) to check it also. The cat was stuck to it 😦 There he stood shaking it as roughly as he could to get it off his back paw. When he saw me, he bolted off the dryer, down the hallway and into the living room dragging my project with him! He was not happy. I was not happy. My house was slowly becoming covered in glue.

The kids would be home from school in under an hour and then my husband would be home. I had to get the house cleaned up! My problem was that I had no way to see what I was cleaning! This miracle product of the ages turns clear as it dries, not after it is completely dry. I grabbed my shoes and cleaned them. Then I started cleaning the house. I cleaned the floors, door knobs, washing machine top, dryer, and anything that I thought I may have touched. I thought I did rather well covering up my goof.  🙂

After supper, everyone usually retires to their rooms or does their own thing. I showed my husband the nice little picture on wood thing I had created and he thought it was awesome 🙂 I was happy once more.   Then, my youngest son yells “ouch” from the livingroom as he tried to get up from the recliner. His arm and his head had stuck to the recliner as he tried to move. “Mom!” he called out to complain. “Oh you kids,” I said embarrassingly, “Y’all clearly need to eat in the kitchen. I bet there’s something sticky on it. Just wipe it down.”

I got away with it… or at least I did until they read this 😉

Insomniac DIY Mishap Lessons with Pallets

Insomnia is a terrible thief that steals one’s ability to think clearly the following day. What’s worse is that the body does not physically coordinate with you the way you think you are telling it to do. Combine these things together for a wonderful crafty result coupled with physical injury for the safest of household objects. In other words, I seriously should stop trying to do DIY projects the day after no sleep!! Insomniacs beware.

During the course of the year, I continued to struggle with what seemed to be a never-ending cycle of sleep deprivation. These late nights or early mornings laying in bed awake led to browsing the internet for hours on end. After reading millions of articles, books, and shopping online at 3am, I would end on Pinterest browsing the DIY category. I would find so many things that I just knew I could do! I would make lists of supplies needed and the next day would sneak out to the store and buy them. Some of these projects turned out nicely, others were just a huge disappointment 😦

Lesson 1: I discovered that many of the DIY links on Pinterest were just plain junk! Most of them were just pictures that had been circulated several thousand times as many well-meaning would be crafters have pinned them in great hopes that 1 day they’d get around to trying them. Many didn’t have enough instruction to complete a task or seriously important details were missing from the processes, so I’ve had several mishaps. Here are a few things I’ve tried. Some were a giant FAIL and others turned out nicely 🙂

I promise to write as many of these as I can remember, but for today, here is one of the more famous “pallet” adventures!

I decided that since I had access to more pallets than the average person, I would create something out of them. I announced to my husband that I wanted him to start bringing them home to me. He dutifully complied and after bringing 5 or 6 home asked what I was going to do with them. I answered, “I’m not sure, but it’s going to be GREAT!” He would give me a strange look and then ask me again after 5 or 6 more pallets. My answer, always the same, was no longer good enough after we had over 25 pallets stacked in our back yard.  (Insert cheesy grin here)

My first thought was outdoor seating. I would go outside and stare at the pallet stack and try to visualize how to physically go about constructing my creation. After about an hour of gathering the tools and supplies I needed and all this thinking, I would be mentally exhausted and defeated. Everything I saw online looked so simple, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the pallets into the shapes I needed. Lesson 2: Nothing seen online is as easy as it looks! I knew I could take them completely apart, but the point of using the pallets is to lessen the workload, not add more to it!

I began by using a hand saw to cut the pallets down to size keeping 2 slats connected on front and 3 on the back. (Note: I used a hand saw because I am just the average housewife here, not the host of a lady’s only DIY show with a production crew and unlimited access to large power tools and emergency people ….should I cut off a digit.) [It is true that my husband is a contractor and I could have access to a ton of tools, but this was my project and I didn’t want his help!.] Once the 2 pallets were in sections, I leaned them against one another trying to visualize how to make them fit into a bench. Lesson 3: Pallets are made of wood. Wood Rots.  Nothing looked right and the wood the pallets are made of would need to be treated or they would rot quickly in the weather concerned me. I have no “patio” to sit them on. They would sit directly on the ground. Hmm… I changed my mind. No outdoor furniture. It sure looked cool on Pinterest though, even though in reality it wouldn’t work for me!

I stopped working for the day and resumed my nightly insomniac googling. Then decided to make a swing! Ah yes, I love to swing outdoors. A swing would be perfect! The next day I went outside and started placing the pieces together. Before I screwed anything together, I sat on one pallet piece while it was on the ground. It bowed beneath my tush even with the ground beneath me supporting it. I’m not a “large” lady, yet the piece that would be the seat would not really support me well. There would be no way that my rather large boys would ever be able to sit on it with me 😦 This is when I learned a very important lesson – Lesson 4: Not all pallets are created equal! Pallets that hold large amounts of ceramic tile are great. Pallets that hold shingles are not as strong – believe it or not.

Back to square one again, the day passed and I waited for sleep once more. Sleep did not come, so I had plenty of time to do more nightly research. I found several project idea types to use the pallets to make a raised garden bed. BINGO! The soil in our yard is mostly clay and growing a garden has always been a challenge. So, this was perfect. My husband had mentioned how he longed to have a garden and I thought it would make us both happy.

The next day was much better. After finishing my work for the office, I began gathering my hand tools again and started off by cutting the pallets as described above. I left 2 slats connected on front and 3 slats connected on the back of most sections. Other sections had 1 slat on front and 2 on back. Our yard is not exactly level, so I had to compensate a little. Once I had 4 sections, I leaned them against one another to make a rectangle. It looked fine, so I grabbed my hammer & nails. After trying several ways to nail them together, I realized this wouldn’t work. I couldn’t hammer the nails into the sections because the overlapping slats prevented me from doing so. In short, my hand, nail, & hammer wouldn’t fit into one spot to do the job. I thought about it for a while and then decided to tie them together with the left over jute twine I had from earlier projects. It was strong, natural, biodegradable and well – it was the only thing I could think of! 🙂

After all 4 sections were connected, my day was done. My husband saw my little creation, but didn’t say much about it. I guess he was letting me do my thing happily 🙂 He was probably glad that I was finally using the pallets for something. He agreed to bring me more.

Lining inside pallet raised garden box

Lining inside pallet raised garden box

The next day, I decided I needed to line the inside of the garden box so my dirt wouldn’t fall out of the slats. I used a tarp cut to size. After placing the tarp inside, I ran to the local hardware store. I bought some garden soil with several coupons and gift cards I had collected from rebates. With some muscle help from the boys, we got all four of the 25 lb bags of dirt from the car to the new garden box. Excited, I cut a hole in the top of the bag and declared, “Pour!”. My son lifted the bag high and dumped the soil on the tarp inside the box. Guess what happened…  the tarp sunk in on all 4 sides and the dirt went everywhere! It went inside the box, outside the box, on the tarp, over the tarp, and all over the ground too! Lesson 5: Think things through all the way before beginning. For some reason, I never learn this lesson. 😦

Lining inside pallet raised garden box

Lining inside pallet raised garden box

I couldn’t think of any way to keep the tarp edges up, so I used binder clips from the office supply store to clip the tarp up on all 4 sides. Then I scooped massive amounts of dirt off the ground and put it in the box 😦 I decided that I had learned so many lessons from this little project, I should build more boxes! 🙂 Cutting commenced with the hand saw and my children thought I had lost my mind. (This is normal around here.) My youngest son said, “uh, Mom? You need help?”  I declined and then went on my business …sawing away. I took my weak little arms a whole day to saw 2 pallets for the next box. Each box I made went faster in the creation process. I was doing better (avoiding all my earlier mistakes) and I was working faster.

Completed pallet raised garden bed

Completed pallet raised garden bed

By the time the second box was completed and I was working on the third box, my husband noticed. He was amazed. He kept saying, “Wow! You built these? …by yourself?”  🙂 I smiled and kept on building. When I was ready to start the 3rd & 4th box, it was a weekend and my husband offered to help. This 4th (and last) box would be the largest one. He whipped out his drill, power saw and some other tools and took to building. Needless to say, he created that box in a smidgen of the time it took me (which was all day long). Actually, he was completely finished in under an hour! After he was finished, he sured up my other boxes with screws so the jute twine became decoration instead of structural.

Hubby came to help :)

Hubby came to help 🙂

After all boxes were completed, I started planting. After planting was completed, my husband was staining our deck and stoop. He moved over towards the raised garden beds and started the process of staining them. In the picture below, the staining wasn’t completed yet. But, you get the idea 🙂 We also added a few stakes around the tomato area in preparation for their growth.

Staining the pallets was a great idea!

Staining the pallets was a great idea!

200 Realistic uses for Baby Wipes

We have family coming to visit in the next couple of days from out-of-state and I’ve cleaned up the devastation caused from the tornado (3 teenage boys) that hit over the summer. I’m pleased to report that I’ve actually been rather happy with the progress of restoring the house back to its former glory. In the cleaning detox stage, I’ve used several products and when in a pinch, still resorted to my favorite of all – Baby wipes.

During my cleaning routine mission,


some products I noticed have warning labels on them like:

WARNING!! This product is known to cause cancer in lab rats. Who would attempt to “clean” a lab rat with a stain remover?

DANGER!! Do not inhale fumes or lungs will explode. If contact occurs, leave the area immediately and breathe pure oxygen. How am I suppose to know if the oxygen outside my house is “pure” and how will I breath if my lungs have exploded?

Caution: Do not allow product to come in contact with skin. Contact may result in skin deterioration [melting/dripping off]. In case of contact, call poison control at the [non functioning] phone # provided.

Precautionary Statement: Product  is hazardous to all forms of life.

So, while scrubbing tile, grout, and cleaning boogers off the walls (they are way to old to still be doing this) among other things, I’ve been awarded a relatively clean house and multiple skin irritations. Thinking back to when the kids were young, I didn’t remember skin irritations from cleaning. Then, it hit me! When they were little, I cleaned everything with baby wipes!!!

When this epiphany hit me, I grabbed a package of baby wipes and read the warning label:

Warning: To avoid suffocation, keep plastic bag away from children and pets.

That’s right! Baby wipes won’t cause your lungs to collapse! They won’t eat your skin off either!! Babies have seriously sensitive skin! Anything safe for a baby MUST be safe for an adult, right? But…how well does it clean other things? Try it and see! They’ve saved me, my furniture, clothing, and a lot more many times over!

As an ode to this wonderful invention of ever versatile cleaning, I present you with 200 uses of baby wipes… or at least as many as I can think of. If I haven’t tried a method, listed below, I will show it to the right of the tip 🙂

  1. Eye make-up remover
  2. Foundation (base) remover
  3. Blush/rouge remover
  4. Vomit clean up from skin (Trust me, if you ever get sick at work, you’ll wish you kept baby wipes in your desk drawer or purse!)
  5. Vomit removal from clothing (Again, the work thing or useful with kids.)
  6. Mud removal from shoes. (The only exception to this is suede and leather. Not really recommended for that material.)
  7. Lipstick remover from skin –  works on the 8hr lipsticks too!
  8. Lipstick remover from clothing
  9. Ash removal from clothing (For the smokers out there)
  10. Removes dust from vents in car
  11. Removes oils from hands on steering wheel
  12. Removes oils from hands on interior vehicle door handles/arm rests
  13. Removes food spills from seat belts (Not as good for old stains though)
  14. Removes food stains from seats in vehicle
  15. Removes mud from interior floor mats of vehicle
  16. Sand Killer – Baby wipes will remove sand
    imagefrom the crevasses of your vehicle after a trip to the beach!
  17. Dust – baby wipes for sensitive skin can be used to dust entire interior of car
  18. Cleans up spilled pop completely with no sticky residue – from drink holders, consoles, or anywhere a carbonated soda is spilled
  19. Can be used to clean up small amounts of oil dripped on manifold after adding oil to your vehicle when it’s cool – DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WHEN ENGINE IS HOT..
  20. Clean arrowheads – okay, maybe this is just useful to me, but it works!
  21. Dust top of desk – use sensitive skin baby wipes to clean up your home or office desk and everything on it
  22. Clean your computer keyboard and mouse – since the wipes are not actually wet – they can be used to clean the oils and grime (Note: Do not attempt to force a wipe between keys on keyboard – that’s destructive)
  23. Dust the outside of your printer
    (Also removes oils from finger touches)
  24. Dust the outside of your scanner (Also removes oils from finger touches)
  25. Dust the outside of your fax machine (Also removes oils from finger touches)
  26. Clean a dry erase board
    (Regular wipes are best, not sensitive)
  27. Dust picture frames (Regular wipes are best, not sensitive)
  28. Clean outside of light fixtures (Regular wipes are best, not sensitive)
  29. Wipe clean your wall clock (Regular wipes are best, but sensitive will work as well)
  30. Door knobs (Regular wipes are best)
  31. Clean doors –
    image           Every door collects dirt and oils from people touching them (Regular wipes are best)
  32. Clean your desk drawers – these wipes are wonderful for getting the tiny pieces of stuff that accumulate in the bottom of a large pull out desk drawer!
  33. Clean sand off sea shells
  34. Clean calculator – be gentle around the screen
  35. Clean out an ashtray – Again, this one is for smokers
  36. Litter box – seriously, baby wipes are perfect for grabbing tiny pieces of stuff and are perfect for removing stuck on litter at the bottom of a pan
  37. Clean floor around litter box – see above
  38. Dust mirror frames
  39. Removes dirt and grim build up from light switch toggle and face plate
  40. Effectively removes boogers from walls (don’t ask)
  41. Removes Kool Aid splatter from walls – up to 1 day old *I haven’t tried this
  42. Removes Kool Aid splatter from appliances
  43. Removes crayon from walls
  44. Removes children markers from walls
  45. Removes crayon and marker from ceramic tile flooring (but not grout)
  46. Removes crayon and marker from industrial tile flooring
  47. Removes tea splatter from walls (if treated within 24 hours)
  48. Removes blood from clothing if treated immediately using several wipes and cold water
  49. Removes women’s month issue leaks from bedding (see above)
  50. Can’t stop thinking about #40. The kids are just too old to be doing that!
  51. Removes dust from front of window air conditioner units
  52. Cleans broom and mop handles
  53. Removes cobwebs from broom bristles
  54. hemorrhoids relief – use as a wipe
  55. Toilet paper substitute
  56. Dust the top of toilet tank
  57. Shines and cleans faucets
  58. Toothpaste remover  – works on sink and clothing
  59. Deodorant remover – who hasn’t put their deodorant on before their shirt and then seen the white stripes of shame?
  60. Clean a baby’s back side – (These are obvious)
  61. Clean a baby’s front side – (These are obvious)
  62. Clean a baby’s face – (These are obvious)
  63. Clean baby’s body – (These are obvious)
  64. Feet cleaner – take with you to the pool or beach to remove dirt or sand before entering your vehicle
  65. Hand cleaner – perfect after taking the garbage off to the dump
  66. Removes tar from skin – If my husband wasn’t a contractor I would not know this. Must be used within 5 minutes of application to work.
  67. Removes spray paint from fingernails – again, the contractor thing – must be used within 30 minutes of application
  68. Removes spray paint from skin – must use within the first 15 minutes of application
  69. Removes caulk from skin – must be used within the first 30 minutes of application
  70. Removes foam spray insulation from skin – must be used immediately (I did this last night. I couldn’t resist touching it. My husband sprayed it and said don’t let the kids touch it, then left. It was swelling like cotton candy…and well, I touched it. Bad idea – but the baby wipe removed it completely from my immediately sticky finger)
  71. Collects small insulation fibers – wipe area to collect any free flying fibers
  72. Removed dried drywall mud from base boards – Personal experience
  73. Use to clean up interior paint splatter
  74. Removes flat interior paint from walls (Sorry previous landlord – I just wanted to clean the walls)
  75. Removes grime build up on cabinet doors around handles and corners
  76. Can be used to gently dust outside of books
  77. Can be used to dust non wooden furniture
  78. Wipe bird poopie off your windshield
  79. Stain remover for pickled beet juice on laminate counter top – effective if used within 1 hour of spill
  80. Cleans TV, DVD, CD, and any other type remote control
  81. Removes dust from small crevasses on what-not decorations
  82. Attracts dust from back of game system ventilation areas (where the fan is) – gently wipe with unit unplugged
  83. Attracts dust from the back of a computer ventilation area (where the fan is) – gently wipe with unit unplugged
  84. If wipes have dried out (lid left open) they can be used as a cleaning clothe for about anything (like scooping soap scum out of the corner of a catch area in a shower).
  85. Use to clean toys and doll faces, arms, and bodies
  86. When wipes have dried out – simply add small amount of water and Wha-la! The wipe has new life! Not quite as effective on stains and cleaning, but not wasted either.
  87. Dry baby wipes can be used to polish lamps and shoes
  88. Dry baby wipes can also be used as dinner napkin substitute
  89. Dry baby wipes can be used to polish silver and remove tarnish
  90. Dry wipes can be used to polish brass
  91. Dry wipes can be used in any way a paper towel could be used, but they have a softer texture and are stronger overall – so don’t throw them away if they dry out!
  92. Back to wet – Regular baby wipes are a great flip-flop cleaner
  93. Use to seal an envelope instead of licking
  94. Wipe away brake dust from your vehicle’s tire rims
  95. If your hair tends to come loose and float around your house like my super long locks, baby wipes are an effective way to trap them and remove them from cloth-covered furniture – like kitchen chairs
  96. They also attract pet dander & pet hair from cloth-covered surfaces
  97. Sit down in a clean seat at a fast food establishment after using baby wipes
  98. Also effective to wipe down a table that hasn’t been cleaned during a lunch rush at a restaurant
  99. Removes grime from seat belt buckles
  100. A non abrasive way to clean vinyl siding after weed eating yard
  101. Wipe down your lawn mower with baby wipes after it has cooled down before you store it away. I’ve seen some people use a water hose to spray their mower clean, but let’s face it – Mowers rust over time which is why we don’t leave them out in the weather. If you clean with a regular (not sensitive) baby wipe, you’re less likely to see rust!
  102. Clean up small amounts of spilled gasoline
  103. Clean up small amounts of spilled kerosene
  104. Cleans gasoline off hands after pumping gas into vehicle
  105. Cleans kerosene of hands
  106. Removes dirt and yuck from outdoor sports equipment like baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc
  107. Clean your bicycle frame, tires, rims, spokes
  108. Removes hair color dye from skin – must use immediately!
  109. Cleans dust off fake or real houseplants
  110. Can be used to clean chalkboard (if anyone still remembers what those are)
  111. Use when camping as a clean-your-whole-body hygiene product when water is not available
  112. Use when fishing to keep hands clean after handling fish and live lures
  113. Gently wipe down your pole and line when finished fishing
  114. Removes waterproof make up for men (hunting) and women (looking pretty)
  115. Clean your wiper blades
  116. Stain removal – Baby wipes will remove most stains from carpeting, cloth-covered furniture, and microfiber when used in a blotting fashion
  117. Animal feet cleaner – if you regularly take your pooch out for a walk, you could clean their paws off with a baby wipe
  118. Wipe down a public toilet
  119. Wipe down a shopping cart
  120. Got a cow lick? Baby wipes can be used to help those crazy but mild fly-away and cowlicks stay down temporarily.
  121. Self tanning with lotions? Baby wipes to the rescue. Wipe off the excess tanner that you’ve rubbed in or sprayed. The baby wipe will neutralize the area and prevent too much “tan” from sticking to ya.
  122. Use as a slider to clean tough to reach places – Grab one end of wipe, thread though tight squeeze area, grab the other end of wipe after threaded and see saw your way to clean!
  123. Use as a swiffer replacement on all non laminate floors.
  124. Perfect tissues for a sore nose when sick
  125. Cleans poop off walls
  126. Cleans pee off walls & side of vanity (If you have boys, you’ll understand)
  127. Should be in every survivalist or “prepper” bug-out bag
  128. Regular wipes are flammable because they contain small amounts of alcohol.  Use several to start a fire using tender if needed while camping.
  129. Wipe down a baby changing table when away from home with small children
  130. Are you still thinking about #124? It wasn’t pretty!
  131. Mistakes happen and sometimes glass gets broken. Use baby wipes to safely pick up small pieces of glass that are small enough to be dangerous after breaking
  132. Clean a delicate lamp and fabric lamp shade
  133. Cleans plastic and glass lamps and lamp shades
  134. Cleans and lubricates scissors
  135. Wipe clean a scraping tool (drywall, paint, etc)
  136. Use to squish a spider!
  137. Remove smudges from mirrors and windows
  138. Removes excess ink from stamps
  139. Use to clean rubber stamps
  140. Clean your laptop screen
  141. Use to clean your iPod screen
  142. Clean your TV screen
  143. Can be used to wipe up plumbers glue (you know, that stinky stuff that has beautiful colors?) if used immediately
  144. Use to wipe up over spray from WD-40
  145. Clean up water-color paint
  146. Cleans plumbers putty off objects
  147. Grabs sawdust. Use to clean  up after a remodel project.
  148. Use to clean off saw blades – AFTER IT’S UNPLUGGED FROM POWER SOURCE
  149. Use to clean up wood shavings
  150. Use to clean up concrete powder
  151. Use to clean up grout dust
  152. Use to pick up small nails that are hard to pick up with fingers
  153. Use to pick up small needles
  154. Use to clean small rock gravel out of grooves in shoes
  155. Use to clean dog poop off shoes
  156. Clean the touch screen of your smart phone – while it’s locked
  157. Clean dusty cord to electrical items – Unplugged from power first
  158. Clean a tape dispenser
  159. Clean crochet & knitting needles
  160. Clean small beads while crafting
  161. Use to remove Halloween make-up
  162. Use to remove theater make-up
  163. Use to remove clown make-up
  164. Use to remove sporting events make-up
  165. Clean the coffee drips off the outside of your cup
  166. Clean the outside of a dropped sippy cup
  167. Women – clean yourself during that special time of the month
  168. Wipe shoe kicked dirt off the front door of your house
  169. Get dirt out of the cracks of your welcome mat with a baby wipe. Especially when company could arrive at any minute!
  170. Wipe down the flag of your mail box so it’s brilliantly red again!
  171. Wipe bird poop off mail box 😦
  172. Dust off your wireless router
  173. Dust off your DVR, Cable box, or Satellite box
  174. Spiders build webs more often in the fall. Use a baby wipe attached to the end of a broom to catch cobwebs that appear at the top of the wall corners.
  175. Dryer lent – Clean out your lent trap with a baby wipe to remove fine lent trapped on the removable screen. Never insert a baby wipe into the trap compartment – that’s a fire hazard!
  176. Remove shoe marks from semi-gloss painted baseboard
  177. Shine your gutters – Not that anyone would really do this
  178. Clean your pet’s bottom and free the dingle berries. Yuck! So glad my dog is outside 🙂
  179. Clean the entry handle to a shed, garage or out building
  180. Wipe down your weed eater after each use
  181. Wipe down gardening hand tools to prevent rust
  182. Wipe down wrenches & sockets after use on vehicles
  183. Clean ink off skin
  184. Use to safely remove corroded batteries from devices. This keeps the corrosion off your hands.
  185. Use to wipe down exercise equipment after use.
  186. Blot with one on outside and one on inside of clothing to remove ketchup, barbecue sauce and cocktail sauce.
  187. Use to clean up spilled vinegar to neutralize the odor.
  188. Aren’t the kids to old to still be doing #40? I mean, am I right?
  189. Use to remove sticky residue from breakfast syrup
  190. Use to loosen gum stuck on walls. It you can get the edges loosened, you can pop it off with a butter knife or scraper.

Why? Why does everything end up on the walls? I’m too frustrated now to finish this list, but let me tell ya …I could go on & on! Baby wipes are a life saver & it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive ones either. The name brand ones tend to be thicker, but the thinner store brands work just fine too!

Hope you enjoyed the list. I’ve got more stuff to clean before our visitors appear!

Bye 🙂

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