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A sticky situation

The last few posts have been about DIY projects and this is not a DIY website, I promise! If you can bare with me through one more post, I will get back on track soon! I guess this one could be seen as an adventure…nah!

My insomnia was still an ever-growing issue and my late-night compulsive googling was filling my mind with all these crafty little ideas. I knew I was not a crafty person and it had actually resulted in many personal injuries but for some reason I thought one day I would get at least one project right! Besides, I assumed there must be at least one project out  there on Pinterest that was accurately detailed enough that I could follow foolproof instructions. Late one night, when the world was asleep, I found an amazing product online: Mod Podge

Mod Podge

Mod Podge

I found women everywhere (and a few guys) that proclaimed the wonder and amazement of this fabulous product. It was hailed as the greatest crafting invention ever and had accumulated several million loyal customers, followers, and advocates. It was so infamous that there were knock off products on the market to mimic it and people freely share “recipes” for cooking up your own batch at home to save money. With so many rave reviews and obsessed consumers, I decided I had to find out what this incredible product was and give it a whirl.

In my searches, I found that this life-changing product comes in multiple formulas!

Mod Podge

Mod Podge

How exciting…I thought. I ran out the next day to a local craft store and purchased the biggest bottle they had. Oh glory! I had the coveted product of all products that millions of people raved about. Once I brought it home, I realized I didn’t know what to do with it 😦 The googling resumed. After locating some projects online, I decided on a photo transfer project.

I followed the directions I found online and the project wasn’t too bad…I thought.

Us - Mod Podged onto a piece of wood

Us – Mod Podged a piece of wood

You see, it was simple. I printed off a color photo to use with our printer. I selected a piece of wood – Cut the photo to fit – Slathered a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the wood – Layed the photo face down on the wood – Trimmed off the edges – smoothed out air bubble pockets and allowed it to dry.    See? Simple! The entire process took maybe 20 minutes (as a beginner) and was not difficult at all.

This Mod Podge product has a glue consistency and reminded me of elementary school. It said on the label that even though it goes on white, it dries clear AND it cleans up easily with basic soap and water. The dry time is about 24 hours though, so some patience would be required.

I was excited! I was going to accomplish a craft with no personal injuries and it was going to turn out nicely!! Yay me…for an hour…

After cleaning up my work area and washing my hands, I came back to the office, took off my shoes and began working on some paperwork. I happily made my way through a lot of internet work and then moved to filing within 25 minutes or so. When I stood up, a customer invoice was stuck to my elbow. Not thinking much of it, I pulled it off and moved to the filing cabinet and put away some files. As I moved away from the filing cabinet, my foot stuck on the wood floor. I stumbled, almost tripped, and regained my composure. I can be so clumsy sometimes. So, I put my shoes back on.

In the restroom, the toilet paper stuck to my hand. At this point, I realized something wasn’t right. On the way back to the office area, I picked up a dryer sheet from the laundry room…on the bottom of my shoe. As I leaned down to peel it off, I lost my balance and leaned back against the wall for support. My shirt peeled off the wall as I attempted to reach down and remove the dryer sheet. My mistake was lazily leaning back up against the wall when I had the dryer sheet in my hand. That’s when my hair stuck to the wall…

I was loosing patience with myself and my surroundings. I didn’t feel sticky, so why was everything sticking to me?  MOD PODGE!

Oh NO, that wonderfully fabulous, incredible invention that went on white and dried clear was all over me!! It’s glue. How do you not know that you have glue on you? Well, I’ll tell you… this thoughtfully incredulous material goes on smooth, thin, and sleek. It is only during the seemingly forever drying process that the tackiness appears. I went to the place where I had placed my photo transfer project to dry (on the dryer in the laundry room) to check it also. The cat was stuck to it 😦 There he stood shaking it as roughly as he could to get it off his back paw. When he saw me, he bolted off the dryer, down the hallway and into the living room dragging my project with him! He was not happy. I was not happy. My house was slowly becoming covered in glue.

The kids would be home from school in under an hour and then my husband would be home. I had to get the house cleaned up! My problem was that I had no way to see what I was cleaning! This miracle product of the ages turns clear as it dries, not after it is completely dry. I grabbed my shoes and cleaned them. Then I started cleaning the house. I cleaned the floors, door knobs, washing machine top, dryer, and anything that I thought I may have touched. I thought I did rather well covering up my goof.  🙂

After supper, everyone usually retires to their rooms or does their own thing. I showed my husband the nice little picture on wood thing I had created and he thought it was awesome 🙂 I was happy once more.   Then, my youngest son yells “ouch” from the livingroom as he tried to get up from the recliner. His arm and his head had stuck to the recliner as he tried to move. “Mom!” he called out to complain. “Oh you kids,” I said embarrassingly, “Y’all clearly need to eat in the kitchen. I bet there’s something sticky on it. Just wipe it down.”

I got away with it… or at least I did until they read this 😉

Giving myself a concussion- An unexpected Adventure

Yesterday could have been a day like any other, but no, not for me! It just had to be *special* 😮

My day started like any other. woke up, showered, got dressed, & headed out the door. The kids had already beat me getting into the car.

In a swift motion, I got into the car… banging my head (at the temple) on the sun visor of my Toyota Camry. Who else but me could be so clumsy? The visor was pulled straight down & in perfect position to whack my head. Evidently it knocked me out. Everything was dark, I couldn’t see anything. After about 7-8 minutes, I could hear the boys far off in the distance. I must have been holding my head as the pain resonated through my brain. We sat there in the drive way with the car running, for at least 15 minutes until my vision cleared.

I had a terrific pain in my head like none other before. I dropped the boys off and went to work. During my 45 minute commute, the pain that was in my temple, started spreading over the right side of my head, behind my ear, & into my neck. By the time I reached my place of employment, my vision doubled again. I was sick to my stomach. I couldn’t concentrate or focus (or walk straight). It was spooky, like being in a fun house.Except, this was real.
Luckily, we have an onsite nurse where I work. I went to see her to get ice packs. She spoke to me about concussions and the harm they can cause. She  recommended I see my doctor or leave in an ambulance. Since my Doctor’s office is just across the street, I elected to see him.

I could imagine the headline on the news or local paper in my head:

Clumsy 35 yr old woman dies after self inflicted concussion by sun visor.
Widow of 2 children dies in freak accident. Concussion by stupidity.
Automobile sun visors to have new warning label to protect against head injury after woman dies of freak death.

My obituary: Chrissy passed suddenly, after accidental self initiated blunt force trauma to the head. She is survived by the smarter family members.

I was driven to my doctor’s office & waited to see the doctor there. I was fully rested but for some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I slept in the waiting room. Then, I slept in the room waiting to see the doctor. He went through a series of questions to determine if I was “with it”, had any neurological issues, or was just generally confused. He tested my reflexes. Finally, he pronounced me with a concussion. One that was mild, but my brain was shook up nonetheless.
He told me to go home and rest. He said, much like a computer, my brain needed to be reset. Resting (no stress) was the only thing that would fix it. So I went home.

I had heard so many things about people with concussions (bad to sleep afterwards) I was afraid to sleep. I truly felt like an idiot.

Today, I woke up with a horrible pain resonanting through my brain. I showered, got dressed, & went to work. All day, my head hurt and the pain would shift and move.  I realized that at times, I couldn’t remember where I was, what I was doing, or the person’s name I was talking to. I sure hope this strangeness is gone by tomorrow. This has certainly been an adventure NOT worth repeating!!

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