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This section of my site is dedicated to those who want to save money every day. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links (or referral links). I may receive a small amount of credit or payment. Trust me when I say small!  Anyway, no matter if I am compensated or not, all of these things I am sharing with you are tried and true. I have personally ordered from each and can attest to their shipping time frames and quality. There are others out there that would love if I would share their sites, but I want to stay true to you – my readers.  If I have not added a site, link, business or such here – it’s because it did not truly save me any money, I had a bad experience, or it just wasn’t worth the price paid verses the quality or savings.

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Trixie Recommends

Trixie is just as much included in every adventure as my loving husband. She has been tapped to model products, try new foods, and give her opinions also.  She is one of my Adventuring sidekicks and here is a list of her favorite discounted items. (Her favorite list includes great deals for almost all pets, not just dogs.)

    • Trixie’s favorite toys –  Dog Toys @ is a where Trixie gets most of her chew toys. She loves to chew when she is nervous. I have been through literally hundreds of toys since we’ve had her and these toys are the toughest. If I buy her a toy from another place, she has them destroyed in a matter of minute. The tough toys here are her absolute favorites!
    • Trixie’s Pick for the best Cat toys –  Cat Supplies @ Trixie’s best friend “Old man Puddy” is one of her favorite pack members. He’s an old cat with little energy left in him in these late stages of life. Although he is tired and old, he still loves to play with these toys!
    • Trixie’s pick for Dog Gifts – PETMATE! This is a great place to grab an inexpensive Christmas gift for the pet lover in your life! 20% OFF orders $40+ at with code SAVEMORE20. No valid on sale items, ends 6/30/18.
  • Visit

  • Trixie’s Pick for Cat Gifts – The best things you can offer your <a href="http://Check out the monthly dog box at!” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Furfur-kitty is a monthly subscription that will delight them with treats and toys. Puddy loves these!
  • Trixie’s best pet ID – One of the best ways to keep track of your pooch is to keep the ID updated. Trixie’s pick for best pet ID is at  My Pet DMV. These super cute IDs are available for $19.95 and you get a “driver’s License” type ID along with 3 small tag IDs. Check them out!
  • Trixie’s Best deals for all pet needs – no matter what type pet you have:


Trixie's corner picks for cats

  • Best flea prevention – Trixie is very particular about things creatures that bite. She is a scratch-aholic if she is bitten. We take great measures to prevent the itchies. Bravecto is the best Flea and tick prevent product we have every used! Bravecto is the first oral chew to provide up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks.
    It is a simple chew that both Trixie and Puddy the cat love wrapped in a delicious treat they can’t resist! If you are anything  like me, you hate using that topical stuff that never dries or absorbs quick enough. Bravecto has been effective even in hotter climates where the fleas and ticks are hybrids and very hard to kill (Tennessee, Florida & Texas). This is the best price we have found through our travels in any location. You will need a prescription from your Vet to purchase. Check the manufacturer’s website often for Rebates available!
  • Heartworm prevention – Heartworm prevention is serious business and Trixie takes her heart health rather seriously. A great heartworm prevention is HeartGard. HeartGard Plus is undeniably the most popular medication specifically meant for prevention of heartworms in dogs. It is very important that you do all you can to ensure that your dog is free of heartworm, shop now!
    It is a monthly medication that is wrapped in a delicious chew based on the weight of the animal. Trixie takes one dose each month to keep her heart healthy! This is the best price we have found through our travels in any location. You will need a prescription from your Vet to purchase. Check the manufacturer’s website often for Rebates available!

Trixie's Corner Best Heartworm

Coming Soon: Costumes, party supplies and other specialty items for your pet love!

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