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Through my Travels and Adventures I have met many wonderful people and companies.  I have saved a rather large sum of money along the way, which has made these Chrissy Adventures possible. I would put money back (when I could) for the slow times. Let me tell you, self employment is Feast or Famine! Be wise and save when and where you can. Please know that I am not rich. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? I don’t even have that nest egg yet that all investors tell you to have by the time you are 40! I have had to pull from my stash when things were slow and famine set in.

I was born into a penny-pinching family and was taught to squeeze every last ounce of value out of everything. Most of my friends see or hear about all the ways I have received free products and want to jump on the band wagon too. Since I don’t have time to type out the extensive list individually over & over again, I am making it available here…just for you!

This section of my site is dedicated to those who want to save money every day. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links (or referral links). I may gain points if you sign up or I have receive a small amount of credit or payment. Trust me when I say small!  Anyway, no matter if I am compensated or not, all of these things I am sharing with you are tried and true. There are many others out there that would love if I would share their sites, but I want to stay true to you – my readers.  If I have not added a site, link, business or such here – it’s because it did not truly save me any money or it just wasn’t worth the effort it required to gain any savings.

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Rebates and Points Programs

It is no secret that joining a great rebate program can save you a lot of money. There are so many though, how can you know which one is the best? I have tried over 100 rebate programs and here is a list of my favorites…that actually work.

  • MyPoints – this program is a gem when you are shopping online. Every purchase that you make through this site (at retailers you are already buying from) racks up points. Not only can you get points for shopping, you can answer the daily poll, take surveys, click-through emails, watch videos and much more to gain points. There’s a coupon section also that has updates daily. You get points for printing the coupons and points for redeeming them. These points are used to redeem Gift Cards. Gift Cards change out from time to time, but last I checked there are cards for restaurants (Olive Garden being my favorite), gas cards, travel cards, or you can redeem for a prepaid Visa. There is even an option to cash out your points to Paypal. I have been using MyPoints since 2010 and have redeemed almost 40,000 points. I am not a heavy online shopper. So you can gain even more than I have if you shop online more than I do!
  • Ibotta – Ibotta is an app available for android or apple. You browse through the retail locations and add rebates to your account. Some rebates are available at any store, others are store specific. After you shop, snap a photo of your receipt and scan the bar code of the products to submit. Ibotta will apply the credit for each qualifying item to your account. Once your account reaching the approved minimum, you can choose to cash out. Cashing out will require you to connect your PayPal account or  you can choose the other options available. I use PayPal for all my cash outs so I can pay bills with the rebate money.
  • SavingStar – This is another savings app similar to the one above, except this one is an old favorite. If you are trying to save precious space on your phone’s memory, this one can be accessed directly online too. It is available for Android or Apple download. SavingStar will offer some of the same rebates as Ibotta, so you can stack the savings in multiple ways!
  • Checkout51 – This rebate app is similar to the others above. But it’s more like SavingStar in the way it can be used online if you don’t want to download the app. You can stack your savings with this program. Only a few offers are store specific, so check details when you choose an offer. New offers go live on Thursdays at 12:00 AM in each time zone. They expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM in each time zone. You must upload your receipts while the offers are live. Most offers are available in limited quantities. Please check your offer list before you go shopping to ensure that the offer is still available, and upload the receipt immediately after purchase to avoid disappointment.
  • Receipt Hog – Receipt Hog is a reward program that will award you points for almost every receipt. You can download the app or just login online. The points you gain can be converted to gift cards or a Paypal payout.
  • Fetch Rewards  – use referral code K7CRV to get a Bonus 1500 points added to your account when you set up your account. This app is available for android or Apple. This app is not store specific. Actually it’s not even SIC code specific. You can scan any receipt from any place that you’ve purchased products. They are looking for specific products to give you points for. When you start generating points, you can redeem these points for gift cards.
  • MobiSave – this is a rather unique app. The way you get rewarded with this one is by entering codes found on specific products. Occasionally they will have a rebate or coupon available also. Once you have gained a specified amount of points you can redeem them for gift cards. I was just tell you in advance, it takes a long time to rack up points with this app. But it is a fun way to get kids involved in shopping. They love to hunt down the products that have the codes you need!
  • WinIt – This app is full of sweepstakes and point opportunities for ShopYourWay Reward Members. It’s a fun way to pass time and the more you use it, the more points you rack up that you can spend just like cash with any of the partnering merchants. Mostly Sears and Kmart but there are others as well!
  • Walmart – Most people shop at Walmart (and occasionally I get drug by my heels kicking and screaming “NO!!” into this store). If you do shop at Wally World frequently, perhaps you’d do well with this app. I have it, but only us it a couple times a year (because I don’t like Walmart folks!)
  • Parubis – This one has saved me over $700 this year alone! It’s a service you connect to your email. They monitor your email for receipt emails. Many retailers have price comparison policies and will send a gift card or refund if a price is lowered after your purchase.
    There will be more added to this list as I remember them! Bookmark it to find it again easily.

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