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Through my Travels and Adventures I have met many wonderful people and companies.  I have saved a rather large sum of money along the way, which has made these Chrissy Adventures possible. I would put money back (when I could) for the slow times. Let me tell you, self employment is Feast or Famine! Be wise and save when and where you can. Please know that I am not rich. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? I don’t even have that nest egg yet that all investors tell you to have by the time you are 40! I was born into a penny-pinching family and was taught to squeeze every last ounce of value out of everything. Most of my friends see or hear about all the ways I have received free products and want to jump on the band wagon too. Since I don’t have time to type out the extensive list individually over & over again, I am making it available here…just for you.

This section of my site is dedicated to those who want to save money every day. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links (or referral links). I may gain points if you sign up or I have receive a small amount of credit or payment. Trust me when I say small!  Anyway, no matter if I am compensated or not, all of these things I am sharing with you are tried and true. There are many others out there that would love if I would share their sites, but I want to stay true to you – my readers.  If I have not added a site, link, business or such here – it’s because it did not truly save me any money or it just wasn’t worth the effort it required to gain any savings.

Saving Money with ChrissyAdventures


There are many ways to get freebies in stores or through the mail.  Freebies are available everywhere if you know where to find them. Here is a short list of a few ways I get free products delivered to my mailbox every day.

My thought is, if you are just starting out, you should go slow so you don’t get overwhelmed and start loosing track of where things are coming from and if you have made a promise to receive it. If you have agreed to leave a review, you should do so. Let’s do this in baby steps. I’ll start you off with the basics of receiving  Freebies from Brands first. If you sign up with the right brands, you will save yourself the trouble of having hundreds of subscriptions. Think big, go to the mother company! Another thing to keep in mind is that you will not save $1000 on your first month. If your goal is to save big, you will need to get into a routine and stay the course for a long time. See every shopping trip or dollar saved as a victory. If you saved $2 be just as happy as when  you save $100. If you really want to see the savings add up before your eyes, keep track of how much you have saved!

One way to get freebies is by racking up brownie points with brands. Different brands will reward you for visiting their site, clicking through articles and participating in discussions. Some will reward you for referring others and other brands will reward you with a purchase.

  • Lancome – What is super awesome about Lancome is that when you join the Elite Rewards program you can gain points for reading articles, clicking through emails, logging in once a week, sharing their hashtags and so many more way. Use these point to redeem for free products with purchase.
  • Marc Jacobs – Become an Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty and collect points for sharing articles, photo & messages on Social Media. These points can be redeemed for products in the store and if you are among the most points earned in a given time frame, you will receive a special gift!
  • Birchbox – If you love beauty products and make-up, you will love Birchbox. This monthly subscription service costs $10 + tax each month. They send you 5-6 beauty product samples including hair, face, skin, and perfume. I have even received several chocolate snacks from them too! You rack up points when you do reviews on products. If you share your referral link, they credit your account with points that convert to $$ when you are ready to shop and buy full size products. This subscription service is well-rounded and does not lean toward only one category like make-up or just skin care.
  • Ipsy – Another beauty product subscription service that mainly leans toward make-up. They will reward you with points for referrals and reviews of your samples. This one is $10 monthly (no tax).
  • Sephora – This again is a monthly subscription service for beauty products – BUT, you do not have to have the subscription to join the Beauty Insider Rewards Bazzar program. This program allows you to gain points that you can redeem for free products. This one (if you subscribe) is $15 per month. Every purchase gives you points that can be redeemed for an ever-changing array of products and beauty tools. Reward selections change each Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Kelloggs Family Rewards – This site provides rewards points for scanning grocery store receipts, buying their products, reading articles, taking polls, and sharing on social media. The points you earn can be redeemed for a wide variety of merchandise. I signed up because I knew I was buying some of the products already. They will give great percentage off coupons just to members. I have no affiliation with Kelloggs!
  • P&G – This is Proctor & Gamble’s website. They offer a community of people with interesting articles. Sign up for their program P&G Everyday. This program gives you access to their newsletter (yay…right?) but the best part is you get exclusive access to coupons and new product samples before they hit the market in your area. It’s a pretty sweet deal. I have NO affiliation with Proctor & Gamble by the way. Oh, almost forgot… You can also do reviews of products and electronically add coupons to your store shoppers card! Nice 🙂
  • L’Oreal Paris – L’Oreal has a great rewards program. I use it. You can gain points for connecting social media accounts, reading articles, completing your personalized beauty profile and uploading receipts from purchases. It’s pretty cool that they even allow you to link your store loyalty cards to the program, so no points go undocumented! You can redeem points for some rather large coupons for their products or magazine subscriptions. They change-up the reward options, so check in with them regularly.
  • Amazon – I have no affiliation with Amazon (other than the fact that I have a Prime Account). Any way, it’s worth checking their sweepstakes and giveaway page daily! You never know….you may win!
  • TREsemme – sign up & get free samples
  • BreathRight – get free snore relief strips
  • Free Food – subscribe and sign up to get a free sample of  beef stroganoff with noodles, lasagna with meat sauce, or chicken terriyaki with rice. More Free Food.
  • Emergen-C – Subscribe, take the coupon & wait… They’ll start sending you samples in a few weeks!
  • Redbox – sign up and subscribe. Within just a few days they will start sending you emails with promo codes for massive discounts off of movie rentals or games. You may even get some free rental codes.
  • Just Free Stuff – Not all “freebie” sites are legit. This one is.
  • MassGenie – This rocking awesome site showcases hundreds of deals from various merchants with an added bonus. You can activate a power deal. Power deals can be set up by anyone. Here’s how it works: You want to buy xxx at the already great price listed, but you’re in no rush. You think a few of your friends will want this item too. By activating a power deal you receive a special link to share with your friends. If your friends also want to jump in on this deal and enough people sign up, your price is significantly reduced. It’s a win-win for everyone. The merchant has increased sales. You, your friends, and total strangers (anyone using your link) get a price reduction for the purchase. Deals and offers, as well as promo codes change often. This one is awesome for the average person. You don’t have to be a blogger. Here’s a promo code to get you started. MGPDOCT2017 exp 10/31

Sign up for Freebies by joining companies that need people to do reviews for them. If you have a decent following on various Social Media sites, you just may be who they are looking for. These companies need people to test products and then review them. It’s a great way to try out new products without spending money. All it takes is a little of your time to do the review. Be aware that these companies have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to participation. Do not sign up for a campaign if you cannot complete the review on time and the way they want you to.

  • PINCHme – This program will send you samples of products to test out and give your honest reviews and feedback to the Brand.
  • Influenster– Social Media lovers come this way! If you have a great Social Media reach or even if you are just getting started, I recommend joining this site. Influenster allows you to post reviews of products. The more you interact in the community, the higher your Impact score will go. Your Impact score will determine which products you are sent. This community of shoppers review products from every category I can think of. From cleaning supplies to diapers and face cream, it’s all on here.
  • Smiley360 – Here we go with another Social Media loving site. Smiley360 is a community of people who test out products, leave reviews afterwards and interact with each other. Complete your profile and begin taking short little “surveys” to see if you qualify for  product that are sampling. Many times I have received full size products from this one. From the time you sign up you will begin accumulating points for your activities. These points rank you in the community. Stay active and get lots of great stuff in the mail for free!
  • Vipon (requires Amazon Prime) – So let me tell you about Vipon. I am not affiliated with them, but I do have an account I use regularly. Amazon sellers need too get noticed and it is hard for them to rank in Amazon’s searches for products when they are new or if they don’t have a bazillion reviews. These sellers want reviews on their products so they reduce the pricing 50-100%. That’s right, you can get some stuff for free and other stuff for pennies on the dollar. Why do they do this? They provide you with a steep discount with the hope and prayer that you will return to Amazon and leave them a whole-hearted review of the product. (Amazon rules state that a seller can not ask you for a review in exchange for free or reduced pricing.) They won’t ask, but they really hope you will. Be a lamb and leave a review if you order from here. I literally completely bought Christmas one year for $224.63 for 17 people (including 3 grand babies and 3 teenage boys at the time). I highly recommend you check the item on Amazon before claiming the code though. You want to make sure the sizing is right, or the product discount truly is a great as it claims to be!
  • Snagshout – Although this one isn’t my favorite, I did manage to save over $200 with this one in the last year. I guess the only reason they aren’t my favorite is because they encourage a lot of social media posting. If you don’t mind that, then hey…go for it. This service is similar to the company listed above.
  • Tomoson – If you are a blogger or Vlogger, Tomoson may be for you. This is another site where merchants need to get some exposure for their products. This site is much different though. They will make you go through an application process to protect the merchant’s interests. They generally only have higher priced items offered and 99% of the time you will have to order the product with your own  $ up front. After you complete all tasks associated with the mission you accept, the merchant has a specified amount of time to pay you in. Payments are generally made via PayPal. PayPal may charge you a fee to receive the funds as well. This one is for serious bloggers only. FYI – I am not affiliated with Tomoson other than the fact that I have an influencers account there.
  • BzzAgent – BzzAgent is another WOM (word of mouth) marketing type company. You take short surveys to see if you qualify for product testing and you will receive a BZZkit once you’ve been approved. They provide you with all the key words, hashtags and such that you should use. After sharing on social media, you complete a review of the product. Simple. You get free stuff, the Brand gets your word of mouth. BzzAgent allows you to collect points that link with MyPoints.
  • Freebie Sites – Not all freebie sites are legit so be aware of what you click on. I have verfied this one and it’s great!

There are more, but I feel like this post is linky enough.    Too many links is just not a good thing 😉

Click here to go to verified and vetted ways to make addition income with side jobs.


  1. I will have to keep this in mind when it comes to various different people needing exposure for their products. I have seen the boxes and things other bloggers reviewed but I always wonder how they established the contacts.

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