Legitimate ways to make money from home

There are hundreds of work at home jobs available online, but be careful when signing up for those that seem too good to be true. There are just as many rip-offs out there as there are truly valid ones. Here is a list of legitimate side jobs that I have personally verified. I have participated in each one, been in contact with their “support” and have verified that these are the real deal and trustworthy. Some of these I am still active in or have for an extended amount of time. Others I participated for a short time in order to evaluate only.

Making money from home with side jobs is not a way to get rich. But it can supplement your income or savings a bit here and there. How much time you invest in each one will determine the payout. All of these side gigs can be time consuming and some more than others. Before you sign up for any of them, please read through their site, the job opportunity and then decide.


Mystery Shopper

Have you read those ads claiming to offer mystery shopping? A lot of them get you no where, but I found one that is completely legitimate! IntelliShop is a respected mystery shopping company that caters to business owners and its shoppers. It provides business owners with valuable feedback on Customer service, the appearance of their stores, cleanliness of bathrooms and many other things. It also provides shoppers the opportunity to allow their voices and opinions to be heard. If you are interested in becoming a shopper, simply sign up. You will need to fill out your application/profile with some demographic information and enter your preferred method of payment. They will also need to confirm your social security number to prove you’re a real person. It just takes a couple days to be verified. Once you’re ready to go, log in and select the available shops you’d like to do. Read each shop very well before going to the store or calling. Each one will have very specific instructions that must be followed to be paid. Sometimes you will make a purchase that will be reimbursed 100% along with the payment for completing the shop. I am an active member and can attest to the validity of this company since 2015.  However, I will receive no compensation if you click on this link to join.


Doing Small Task Online

Amazon has a program where “workers” complete tasks for individuals or companies and receive payment. Each task has a predetermined payment amount. This program is called Mechanical Turk. When you first join, you will need to go through some menial tasks to learn the site and how to get paid. While new to the site, you will need to build your reputation in order to qualify for the task that pay well. That means you’ll need to take on a lot of low paying tasks to build your accuracy and reputation. Within a month or maybe just a couple weeks, you’ll begin to qualify for higher paying task. It’s a good way to kill time in a doctor’s office, waiting on a ride, or any other moment you are looking to fill. These task can be completed from anywhere. I will pass along one word of advice though… Amazon allows people and companies to sign up giving tasks but doesn’t vet them. So, if you see a task paying a high amount you suddenly qualify for and you’re new…think twice before accepting that task. Click here to get started. I have an account but receive no compensation if you use this link.


Be a Tour Guide

Let’s face it, noone knows your city or town like you do, right? One of my bucket list aspirations was to be a tourist in my own home town. The kids and I discovered so much deep history that many of our locals didn’t even know. We discovered haunting, romantic settings, photo opportunities for the best photography and so much more.  It’s crazy how a tourist can tell you more about the place you live than you may already know. If you have a great understanding of your hometown already, you could make money by being a hired tour guide. It’s easy, simple, and can be loads of fun! There is a genuine company that will help you attract the audience you need and it’s easy to get started! Click here to check into this great opportunity to make extra money.  I have an account with Local Guddy, but I do not receive any compensation if you sign up.

There are other side gigs I will share with you later after they have been tested a bit longer and I verify their validity.

This page has been updated on 2/19/2018


Drive Around Town while Advertising

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income passively with legitimate side gig, here is another one that requires very little effort! If you love driving around town (or you do it for your primary job) here is a way that you could generate some passive income. A company named RefferalCars will pay you for driving around town with one of their decals on your rear window. The decal is promoting a campaign that will be linked to a specific phone number that is assigned to you. When a curious person uses your number to join the program, you get compensated. It’s not a huge compensation, but if you have a long commute to work or drive around for a living, imagine all that traffic. Those people are all prospective commission for you. Pretty sweet, huh? Right now the campaign that I joined promotes a huge savings program called ZoomBenefits.


Research Study

There are   truly legitimate companies out there that need data and are willing to pay you for it. Joany is one of those companies! Joany is currently conducting a research study about health insurance and there are no strings. Here over here to take the assessment and determine if you qualify. If you do, you will receive payment of $25.00!  Really and for true, this one is really easy money.



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