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Health Benefits of the Beach 🌴

Health Benefits of the Beach

Health Benefits of the Beach

I need some Beach Therapy!

Take me to the beach!

I’ve been cranky. Send me to the beach until my behavior changes.

I promise I’ll be better within a week!

I need a vacation!

I can smell the ocean, take me there!

I’ve said these things many times through the years and I’ve been so lucky to get what I asked for on occasion. And to help substantiate my claim (and your claim) that I (or you) need to go to the beach, I have compiled many health benefits to help reinforce these statements.

Everyone needs a period of relaxation to recharge their inner self. And some people simply need to get away or escape the reality of their daily lives just to maintain their sanity.

If you have said to yourself that you need to escape, that you have to get away, or that you’re going to break if you don’t get a vacation – check out this list of why going to the beach is so healthy for you!

Through our vast travels I have truly found more health benefits when I am at the ocean than any other place I visited so far.

Millions of people each year flock to the various coasts to take in the glorious sunrises, sunsets, and breathe deeply that sweet Ocean air.

Here are some health benefits of the Beach:

  1. The ocean air is healing.

The air within 25 miles of the ocean is charged with salty moisture. This wonderful combination of salt and humidity helps cleanse the lungs. The natural ocean breeze will dry up anything in the lungs better than medicine and the humidity is a natural moisturizer and is healing. Just think about how many different versions of “ocean” candles and air fresheners are available! The ocean smells takes our minds back to a great place, full of wonderful memories and times.

2. Sand is great for your scalp and skin!

On the Atlantic side of the US sandy beaches are composed of billions of shells crushed over time. It is abrasive enough to exfoliate the skin through natural movements. It’s also a great scalp exfoliation. I don’t recommend going to the beach and rolling in the sand or sprinkling it in your hair. If you venture into the ocean and enjoy time in the water, the waves are going to gently wash tiny sand particles into your hair naturally. When you shower later, you’ll be naturally exfoliating your scalp as you wash the sand out. The salty water is also a great treatment for oily hair and magical moisturizer in a special way.

On the Northern Gulf beaches, the sand was created by billions of crushed pieces of white quartz that flowed down stream from the majestic Smokey Mountains. This gorgeous white and clear quartz has long been attributed with healing properties. Look it up!

3.  After just 2 days near the ocean, stress levels drop significantly.

Stress levels drop with a little time due to the environment surrounding you. The ocean waves are powerful and unpredictable. Each wave that crashes on the beach follows God’s perfect rhythm. Each group of waves creates a soothing breeze of salty air and the rhythmic sounds create a soothing symposia of Graceful glee. Your heart beat will begin to synchronize with the relaxing environment around.

4. Your body needs Vitamin D.

Who doesn’t need a little more vitamin D in their life? If you aren’t a heavy milk drinker, where else can you get a better dose of vitamin D? When you get to the ocean, you’ll also get a dose of Vitamin Sea too. You will automatically spend more time outdoors while you are at the beach. But, don’t forget the sunscreen. 🌞

5.  The ocean breeze or sea breeze is healing.

The ocean breeze is filled with tiny particles of salt. This breeze is ever-present on the beach and will cleanse your lungs for better or worse. Many people from heavy pollinated areas like Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia come to the ocean to clear out the allergens lodged in their lungs.

6. Reset your mindset

The beach is the best place to admire God’s grace and the powerful majesty of his creation. It helps you realize no matter how big you think your problems are, you are but a spec in the universe.  And, although you are a spec, God still loves you and knows every hair on your head.

Leave technology behind. The salt mixed beaches and waters are not good on electronic devices. Unless you are ready for an upgrade at a gouged price, leave your phone at home. While you are unplugged, you will have a better opportunity to connect to your loved ones or with the world around you while you relax.

7.  Exercise

Most people get more activity during a visit to the ocean than other types of vacations. Walking on the beach, digging in the sand and chasing the little ones in and our of the ocean are all ways that your activity will increase. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise and one of the most prevalent activities. Even if you aren’t a strong swimmer, just the act of wading in the ocean, bouncing with the waves will work out your legs, thighs, lungs and arms easily.

8. You will eat healthier

Most of the restaurants near the ocean serve seafood.  Seafood is a great source of vitamins and minerals our bodies need for good health. The Mediterranean diet has been popular for many years due to the great health benefits of eating as though you live by the sea. Not all seafood is great for our health, but most of the fish species certainly are. Shellfish can be dangerous if incorrectly cooked or ingested too frequently.

9.  Getting what we want once a year (or more) gives us a feeling of gratification

You want to go to the Beach? If you make it, you will have received something you wanted. This increases your self-gratification, thus increasing your self-confidence and in the end…can make you a better employee. Your productivity will increase and your attitude toward work will improve (even if it’s just temporarily).

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