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Castle in Kentucky!

Nick has been travelling a lot this year with work. Today, I had the opportunity to make a day trip with him to Lawrenceburg, KY. The little over 3 hour drive there was beautiful. Leaves are changing colors and the drive holds many other spectacular sights along the way.  After his business was completed, we doubled back to Frankfort & then looped through one edge of Lexington. In a small town named Versailles, I saw one of the most groovy sights of all.

Kentucky has a castle!!

???? Puzzled, I looked up the history online. Here’s what I found:
“Construction on the castle was started by Rex Martin and his wife Caroline Bogaert Martin in 1969, after they had returned from a trip to Europe and were inspired by the architecture and many famous buildings they had seen. The finished project was to have seven bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, a fountain in the driveway, and a tennis court. In 1975, the Martins divorced and left the castle unfinished. Over the years, it became a popular oddity and roadside photo-op for tourists.”

” On May 10, 2004, after months of renovations, tragedy struck when newly installed woodwork and wiring caught fire in the main building. Tom Post, the castle’s new owner, who was at his home in Miami at the time, had already spent months renovating it but vowed to rebuild. Approximately twice the castle’s original cost went towards the reconstruction project”
“Reconstruction was completed in fall 2008. New additions includes twelve luxury suites, a library, game room, music room, dining hall, ball room, swimming pool, formal garden and tennis court. It is used as a tourist inn, fund raisers, weddings, special events, and corporate functions. It has sixteen bedrooms, four of which are in the outside turrets”
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