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Exploring Indy part 2

Replica of the Washington Monument?

This post Exploring Indie part 2 is the continuation of the earlier post titled “Exploring Indie part 1 – Another Adventure :-)”.

Driving all the way up the Cumberland Gap Parkway was a nice and scenic trip as opposed to travelling Interstate 75 the entire trip from Tennessee to Indianapolis, Indiana. We drove around and up the mountains in Kentucky and when we entered into Indiana, there were still a few hills there as well. At first, I thought perhaps Indiana wasn’t flat after all, until we drove about 15 more minutes into Indiana. The hills seemingly disappeared. Out of nowhere, corn popped up and the land flattened out! I saw corn, Irrigation piping, and more corn 🙂  This was pretty awesome. The corn fields I saw from the highway were not like the corn fields in Tennessee. These fields went on for what appeared to be miles and miles. (Without my glasses I couldn’t really tell, but there was no end to the fields visually.) In Tennessee, many farmers plant corn and hay to mix and feed their cattle or they plant tobacco. Not many people still plant tobacco anymore now though 🙁 Anyway, the corn fields and hay fields are planted on hills and they wave at the viewer from the roadside as the fields roll. Some are planted on the flattest land owned, which is still a hill or a swerving plot of land. The cattle even learn to graze while standing on a constant tilt. That’s why all the cattle produced in East Tennessee is lopsided laying on your plate at dinner time!

Back to the trip, we drove closer to the city of Indianapolis and the land became more flat. The city buildings could be seen for what seemed to be many miles before entering it. I loved the old and new buildings in the city. Here are a few more snap shots of the awesome experiences and sights I saw:

Beautiful architecture
Local Merchants
Local Merchants
Local Merchants
City life buzzing
Local Merchants
Downtown Indie
I loved this!
The city was so Colorful!

Capitol Building

Victory Field
Downtown Indianapolis
Lucas Oil Stadium
Home of the Indianapolis Colts
Lucas Oil Stadium Entrance
Indianapolis Court House
Downtown Indianapolis
Downtown Indianapolis
Gorgeous lamp-post (I wanted to grab hold of it and swing round while singing)
monument in Downtown Indianapolis
A graceful fountain in Downtown Indianapolis
War Memorial
This Building looks like a Castle
a marriage of two buildings
Downtown Indie
Magnificent Buildings in Downtown Indianapolis
Downtown Highrise Apartments
City Sidewalk
Is it a castle?
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