What was I thinking???

I used to cut my hair every two years & send it to Locks of Love. It grows very fast, so every 1 1/2 to 2 years I would donate about 18-29 inches of hair.

I haven’t cut my hair since 2009 because I’ve kept a promise asked of me by my step daughters.

Someone mentioned today that my hair was so long, I could sit on it. I didn’t think much of it until I broke out the hair color tonight. I haven’t colored my hair since Oct 2010 & those pesky grey crinkley hairs had multiplied all through my hair faster than a virus.

My plan was simple. Clear a space, protect the floor, mix the color, and apply. I’ve done this hundreds if times…why would this time be any different? Oh, but I was seriously mistaken!

So, step 1 of dumb idea: mix all 3 bottles of solution at once. Two minutes into the application of color, the 2 bottles not used yet began to erupt slowly & ooze their grimy perminate staining liquid all over the bathroom counter.

Step 2 of dumb idea: use 2 bottles at once. I reasoned to myself that I have 2 hands, so why not try a 2 handed application? That idea was a massive fail when I realized I had squirted the wall behind me with color! After clean up, I placed the 2nd bottle back on the counter.

2 hands are not always better than one!

Step 3 of dumb idea: continue with this madness. If I had been smart, I would’ve jumped in the shower immediately and rinsed my head-stopping this process & went to a salon. But, I kept going. Afterall, I’ve done this a million times!
As I neared the nape of my neck with color, I realized that I cannot reach the length of my hair in the back. I tossed my head to the side so I could reach. My hair swung around and smacked me as if I were Syndel from Mortal Combat! I now realized that no matter how I finished this disaster, my skin will be perminately dyed in places I can’t reach on my body!!  Argh 🙁

Step 4: allow color to develop. I made it through this stage fine. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all?

Step 5: rinse. My hair is so long, it took longer to rinse the color out than it did to apply the color, clean the wall, & develop. I ran out of hot water & I have a 90 gallon hot water heater!!

Step 6: write about this mishap so I will remember why I should go to the salon next time.

I sure hope the color turns out the way it’s suppose to. Especially after all this. I’ll know tomorrow 🙂

In the first picture seen here, I’d somehow got the back of my hair in a knot, so it actually appears 5-6 inches shorter than it actually is.


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