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Easy items to complete – Bucket List

Item #13 was to Ride a Train. Not a fancy box car set up, just a plain ole train.  Did it at Dollywood.  It wasn’t as thrilling as I’d hoped, so next I’ll opt for the box car type 🙂

Item # 56 was to touch a tank.
This was fun!!

I heard from a friend that there was a

tank just

sitting out in the open, on display, for the public to enjoy


The boys & I hopped in the car & headed to The American Legion Post #2. There we found a M60A3 tank. I was amazed by its size.

Seeing one on TV, in a magazine, or otherwise doesn’t do these beautiful vehicles justice.
So we all touched it, felt its cold metal under our hands, marvelled at the craftsmanship, climbed on top of it,

SET OFF AN ALARM, then snapped some pictures and fled. Photo Opp!!

  This model was produced in the 1960’s and was used more during

Dessert Storm. It probably never saw any action in Nam.

I’m still on the prowl for an M7 priest cause I just


there has to be one around here I can touch also!!

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